All too often, in the world of the skilled trades, the vehicle that actually makes you money is an afterthought. You complete one job, jump in, check the phone and hurry on to the next. Your van is your toolbox, your office, your lunchroom, and, in a pinch of bad weather and poor planning, your hotel room.

Expertec has been solving the problem of organizing and upfitting work vehicles for many years and in that time, we’ve noted some important reasons to spend the time to outfit a vehicle properly. Some are easy to understand and some are a little more subtle, but a purposefully designed and professionally outfitted vehicle can do wonders for a company’s business.
Why is that?

For starters, when you have a truck or work van that has been properly outfitted for the job, you and your team will be more efficient. Each vehicle in the fleet will have the same storage and the same capacities, meaning you can equip them with tools and inventory to allow any qualified employee to take that vehicle into the field and perform the same standard of service. That means less time waiting on parts, faster time to site and faster to complete a job.

…And that means more money on your bottom line.

A more subtle part of deploying a properly upfitted vehicle is the chance to create better work habits. Setting a higher standard for your work vehicles allows you to develop better internal controls and systems. Areas like cleanliness, proper storage of tools and equipment, and even the ability to safely move equipment to and from job sites because you’ve added the correct heavy duty upgrades for the job and your vehicle, all mean that your work spaces are ready for anything the job requires.

At the same time, custom outfitting work vans and trucks for specific trades allows you to build in the required safety gear and know that it has been installed properly. Fire extinguishers, warning and signaling devices, and even properly compensated power inverters all mean that your team is ready for action and not handicapped by low-quality components. As we all know, in the trades and on the jobsite, safety is life and death and Expertec allows you to put the safest vehicles and work areas in your fleet and on the job.

Another benefit of appropriately outfitting a work van or truck is the more professional appearance that it provides. We’ve all seen that rusty, beat up truck on the job site and wondered about the quality of work that the company can perform. Your customers are no different. When they see a clean, well-appointed work vehicle that has been properly outfitted for the job, it provides your clients with a sense of confidence in your abilities.

Think about that look of professionalism for a second. Our expectations as consumers continue to get higher with every passing day and our ability to let others know about our experiences through social sharing means that your customer is going to note everything about the service you provide. The first impression they’ll have? Many times, it is the vehicle your team arrives in.

No matter if you require a truck to hot shot to the oil sands or a commercial work van for the trades, Expertec has the components you need and the experience to outfit your vehicle perfectly for your business. It could be a utility or service body, a full shelving installation in a van, or just having the right power accessories like hydraulic lift gates or emergency lighting. In any case, our goal is to outfit your vehicle into a proficient service vehicle, operating as autonomously and effectively as possible. Expertec has years of experience outfitting industrial and commercial vehicles in Western Canada and we have many stock products available at our Edmonton and Calgary installation shops.