One thing we’ve learned, over the last three decades, is delivery times will make or break a business.  Not just your business, but, in many cases, of your client’s, too.  It’s been a huge piece of the puzzle we’ve spent years studying and solving, and a key component of the solutions we offer to our clients.

Imagine operating a plumbing business that didn’t have a least a minimum amount of inventory on hand?  No couplings, no copper or PVC or Pex on the truck?  No o-rings or rebuild kits, no common fittings.

Just you, your helper, and your tools.

How long do you think even the most basic repair or service would take?  Potentially, an extra day on nearly everything, depending on how far away the supply house was.

Now think about how that would affect your profits, and your clients’ comfort?

You’d price yourself out of the jobs or your profits would be incredibly slim.

Nobody would expect to run a business like that!

In short, if you can’t deliver what your client needs, when they need it, they will not be your client for long.  In other words, lead times can kill your business.

Expertec has known this for years, and we’ve prided ourselves on providing fast turnaround times on every upfitting job we undertake.  Certainly, some are more challenging than others – and some of those challenges can be chalked up to suppliers.

This isn’t a knock on them!  Not at all.  We’ve all been impacted these last few years, but it’s forced all of us, as successful business people, to look at how to work around supply issues or how to create new solutions through innovation.

While the need to keep delivery and production times short is one component of innovation, another is our very human desire to improve things.  At Expertec, we’ve done this over and over again, and now?

We’ve done it again.

Truck Utility Service Body

It’s already been announced, but let’s take a harder look at our newest product line:  Expertec’s Service Bodies.  These are truly a new way to think about an age-old product, and while the silhouette might look like every other service body, it surely isn’t.

For starters, we’ve elected to build both styles – 8 foot and 11 foot – completely from 5052 high-strength aluminum, then powder coat it to make it even tougher against the harsh  environments the jobsite and Canada can mete out.  Now, plenty of folks might question that, but it’s really a no-brainer.

5052 is incredibly tough, incredibly durable, and even for those jobs that need a crane on the service body?

These aluminum units are more than strong enough.

Truck Service Bodies - 11 Foot Aluminum

And that weight savings gives you savings at the pump, in terms of the amount of fuel you need to burn.  Realistically, is that service bed loaded to the gunwales all the time?  Nope.  Might as well save some fuel when you can!

There are a lot of reasons we designed our new service beds out of aluminum – and, by the way, that’s how these are designed – from the ground up.  We didn’t try to cheat and just take a steel design and build it from aluminum – that design could never be strong enough!

The point in this is simple; these new service bodies are designed here and built here, and that means they are here.  Those lead times that other’s have to quote in weeks or even months?  The ones that no smart business – like our plumber earlier, with no inventory – would ever do?

We’re ready to put these units to work today.  Not next month.

Right now.

The truth is, businesses run on providing timely solutions, and ours is no different.  If you’re looking for solutions for your fleet of trucks, whether that’s two dozen or just one dually, our service bodies are here and ready to work with a variety of upfitting solutions.

And maybe the time isn’t right for you today, but give our teams a call at 1-888-435-6466 or click right here to at least start the conversation.  You’re going to be impressed by the quality we’ve designed into our new service bodies, and the solutions we can build together.

  • Truck Service Bodies - 11 Foot Aluminum

    Expertec Aluminum Service Body – 11 Foot

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  • Aluminum Service Body - 8 Foot Classic

    Expertec Aluminum Service Body – 8 Foot Classic

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