We’ve spent a lot of time these last few weeks discussing the SpaceKap.  It’s one of the most durable slide in truck bodies or “toppers” on the market, and it’s long been a bestseller for our clients.

What makes these so great?  Simple -they’re built to last, they’re built to be easily transferred from one truck to another, and quite simply, they work.

On the other hand, choosing one can be difficult, so let’s take a deeper dive into the three core models we offer:

SpaceKap Compak Fiberglass Slip-In Service BodyThe Compak

Even though the Compak is the “smallest” of the SpaceKaps, it’s still got it where it counts.  Users have 320° access to tools and cargo and the roof sits flush with the cab of the truck, keeping fuel economy up, blending in seamlessly with your truck’s lines and making navigating tight spaces a non-issue.  If the cab fits, the Compak fits!

The 40/60 back door is a truly useful design that allows users full access to the cargo area, but keeps the doors parallel to traffic.  As with all SpaceKaps, the lightweight all-fiberglass design allows the entire cap to be switched from one full sized truck to another with the same length bed.

Expertec offers several packages based on the Compak and includes specialized options based on the user.  The Contractor adds two extra shelves on either side of the Compak to hold tools, equipment, and anything else needed.  The bottom shelf is 15 inches deep while the top shelf is 10 inches, allowing easy access while still saving valuable space.  Especially useful are the additional hooks built into the back of the Contractor Package for extension cords, protective clothing, or anything else that needs to be hung up.

The Compak Electrician and Plumber packages are also purpose-built for those in the trades, with two heavy duty shelves on one side and storage bins incorporated on the other side for all the small bits and pieces that tradesmen inevitably need.  No more loose boxes of fittings falling over every time you need one!

SpaceKap Wild Fiberglass Slip-In Service BodyThe Wild

Without a doubt, the Wild is hands-down the best low-roof cargo van alternative on the market.  With up to 53 inches of interior headroom, a complete optional shelving system, and full access doors on the sides, the Wild offers a huge volume of covered and secured storage space and the smoother ride modern pickups are known for.

Like all SpaceKaps, the Wild is still completely removeable, and it’s designed to easily fit into any other similarly-sized truck bed.

In terms of packages, Expertec has several based on the Wild.  The Contractor has three shelves on either side of the slide-in service body, and every one of them can be configured as needed.

The Wild Electrician and Plumber packages are two more user friendly solutions Expertec offers.  Both units feature purpose-built cabinets with lockable storage to easily replace bulky toolboxes that always seem to be in the way.  These packages are also available with a 3-tier bin shelving unit that can be accessed through the side door and allows users easy access to their toolbox and parts storage.

Lastly, the Wild HVAC package was designed with the HVAC Contractor in mind.  On the driver side are bottle holders for gases and refrigerants and extra-deep shelving, bins, and e-tracks on each side of the SpaceKap allow HVAC specialists to stay organized.

SpaceKap Diablo Fiberglass Slip-In Service BodyThe Diablo

The largest SpaceKap, the Diablo, is one of the most impressive slide in service bodies ever built.  With cargo headroom of over 6 feet and an interior volume of 372 ft3, it feels more like a workshop than a service body.  This is not just another topper, this is a complete workstation, with built-in skylights and a full LED interior light system.

The real value of the Diablo is how functional it is – with the huge volume of cargo space, all the gear needed to do the job is always at hand, so jobs off the beaten path can be accomplished with far less time and travel expense.

The Diablo Contractor package makes great use of the headroom in the Diablo, offering four shelves on either side.  These shelves can be custom-configured as needed to make sure everything is in place.  One of the most important things Expertec has done in designing these is to make sure that every shelving unit stays quiet. No squeaks, no rattles, and a place for everything.

The Diablo Plumber and Electrician package uses a similar four-shelf organization strategy on one side but provides more space with 3 standard length shelves and 1 long shelf on the top for storing longer materials on the other side.  The driver side also has a built-in tool cabinet to provide lockable storage.  The real advantage, though, is that this setup maximizes cargo space – especially if transporting conduit or pipe (up to 10 feet long) is a part of the job.

The Diablo HVAC package is another purpose-built solution that has been designed with the HVAC specialist in mind.  Ample storage can be configured to store nearly any sized refrigerant bottle inside and with optional bin shelving, built in toolboxes, regular divided shelves and a nosecone section at the front helps hold even more.

It’s worth mentioning the Diablo Workstation system.  On the passenger side are four levels of shelves and six on the driver’s side.  This full workstation is configured on the driver’s side to get the work done out of the weather.

So… which SpaceKap is right for your upfit?

That can be a tough question, and one that our teams are more than qualified to help you answer.

If you’re beginning to think about the next vehicle and fleet investment and a SpaceKap is on your list, reach out to our team right here or simply call 1-888-435-6466.  The truth is, we’ve spent decades to determine what works and what doesn’t, and that experience ensures our customers never have to worry about whether an upfitting job will “work” the way it needs to.  Isn’t it nice to know Expertec has you covered?

  • SpaceKap Diablo Fiberglass Slip-In Service Body

    SpaceKap Diablo Fiberglass Slip-In Service Body

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  • SpaceKap Wild Fiberglass Slip-In Service Body

    SpaceKap Wild Fiberglass Slip-In Service Body

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  • SpaceKap Compak Fiberglass Slip-In Service Body

    SpaceKap Compak Fiberglass Slip-In Service Body

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