As hard as it is to believe, 2022 is, for all intents and purposes, here.

The odds of generating a lot of sales between now and when the ball drops are pretty short, and with the exception of sorting out a maintenance issue, new business is all going to get pushed into the New Year.

So, thinking of the New Year, and trying to NOT dwell in the challenges of the last one, what are you going to do to make 2022 a great year?

Sure, you can sit around and do the same old thing, deal with the same old clients and problems, and fumble along with the same old “good enough” set up in your work van, but imagine running a new year with a van designed from the ground up to make your job easier?

How much easier would it be to have the work space and lighting to be able to handle those little tasks inside a work van instead of on some makeshift platform on the floor, or even worse right now, out in the weather?

GoPower InverterWhat about having a power inverter setup to keep all those battery powered tools charged, or even to run a heater?

Whatever you can dream of for a work van, Expertec can help make it happen, and so this New Year’s, why not make some resolutions you can really put to work?

And much, much, more.

Go ahead, get those on the list, and even if you’re not buying a new van, chances are, the team at Expertec can give you a great plan to have a great van.

Van Shelving and Drawer StorageAnd we know, it might seem strange to suggest upfitting a van that’s already in service, but think about it – right now, it’s hard to find new vans, and the few that are on the market are absurdly overpriced.  If you upfit one that’s already in the fleet, you’ll likely be able to have that back on the job in days, not months, and the real benefit?

You and your team are going to be more efficient.

Read that, “You’re going to be able to handle more business.”

What’s not to like?

The truth is, 2021 has been hard for all of us, and we’re all struggling to figure out the best ways forward.  “How we used to do it” isn’t going to make money in 2022, and with so many companies short staffed, efficiency is going to be the deciding factor for how companies can be successful and get ahead in 2022.

Making your fleet of trucks and vans more efficient might be the smartest resolution you can make in the New Year, and Expertec has been doing just that for over a decade.

Tommy Gate Van LiftgateThis week, as you’re (hopefully) thinking about how you’re going to be successful in the next year, take a few minutes and check out our solutions for work vans of all shapes and sizes.  With our online store, you’ve got even more options if you’re a DIY’er, but either way, look these over.

When you’ve got your ideas, give our team a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to contact us.

And don’t stop there.  New Year’s Resolutions are far more than work trucks and vans.

Commit to yourself and your family, too!  If we’ve learned anything these last two years, it’s how important life is.  Being prepared to handle your business and still be involved with your family and friends might be one of the most important resolutions you’ll ever make.

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