There’s no doubt that today, more than anytime in our lives, we’re consuming opinions, news, and … junk … online.  Negative social media posts, conspiracy theories, and even bad videos that manage to go viral.  It’s easy to point fingers and buy into all the bad news that is flashed every day via notifications and sound bites and cleverly edited (or outright counterfeited) information.

Well, we all need to stop.  Take a deep breath.

Turn off that noise and challenge yourself and the people in your life to concentrate on the good news.

Seriously, look for the good news in your day, in your life, in the lives of those you care about.

It’s there, waiting on you to find it.   

Governments are getting a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic.  Think in terms of the sheer amount of knowledge science has been able to accumulate in a matter of only months.  Now think back to how long it took science to learn that same amount about SARS.  Ebola.

Some people have said that our optimism is unwarranted, but at Expertec, we disagree.  We fully grasp that lives are changed forever, that a small amount of those infected will die.  Our hearts go out to them and our hearts go out to the millions of people who have lost jobs, or hours, or anything due to the spread of the virus.

But we want you to stop for a second and look at the good things – and there are good things.

What We Are Really Doing TogetherThe manufacturing might of North America – seemingly lost in the last thirty years, has reawakened.  Every day, the leadership in our company learns how our partners have made incredible changes to their own production lines to meet the needs of the healthcare and medical experts in their fight against COVID-19.  Expertec is doing that in our own way, too, showcasing the products our longtime partners are pivoting to create.

To us, the words “production” and “delivery” and “purchases” ALL sound like work.  Jobs that seemingly vanished a month ago are calling workers and production lines back by the thousands.  The goal is simple and is the same one that called our grandparents and great-grandparents:  Victory.

We’ll emerge victorious again, just give us time.  Canadians are many things, chief among them, resourceful.  Even now, as you read this, there are companies tooling up, beginning production, reaching out to help their first customer.

Perhaps it’s a communications company, rapidly deploying faster internet for the schoolchildren in a community.

Perhaps it’s a pipefitting business, recognizing how to easily create IV poles or emergency field beds to allow the comfortable treatment of new cases.

Perhaps it’s YOU, seeing how a skill you have mastered can help win the fight.

But the real victories are for us to all win in our own homes.  Keeping our families positive.  Helping our children to handle the shift to virtual classrooms and teaching them that learning doesn’t have to take place in a classroom – the world inside and outside your house can be more classroom than they ever thought.

Simply reminding each other that this too shall pass and, when it has and we return to “normal” life, we have the incredible (once in a lifetime!) chance to decide what part of “normal life” is worth going back to.

These are strange times, but they are also times that will provide inspiration for countless new businesses, un-dreamed of new products and services, and the chance to realize how much we truly need one another.

From our family to yours, we’re proud to be a part of the solution!