Seriously!  What if you only had one of something?  One knife to do all your cutting?  One wrench for all mechanical work?  One pair of work boots?

For a lot of us, that’s a no-brainer:  we couldn’t get the jobs we get paid to do completed properly, or in some cases, safely.  The simple answer, even when most of us were just starting out, was to go and buy the tools we needed, as we needed them.

Maybe you even remember your grandfather or a seasoned journeyman on your first real job telling you something like, “Quality only hurts to buy once, but buying cheap hurts twice.”  Now, that might not be too tough to handle when you’re dealing with the tools of your trade, or even inventory, but what do you do when you only have one truck?

Even an old beater is going to cost at least a few weeks’ pay, so a lot of contractors and tradesmen struggle to make one truck do the work of two or even three.  Work truck, grocery getter, hunting rig, trailer hauler.

The problem, of course, is when you try to do everything, you don’t get much of anything right.

At Expertec, we recognized this long ago, and even though many of our products are specialized for the trades or certain industries, we also know how important it is to have the upfitting products that make any vehicle better AND aren’t necessarily permanent.

Modular Truck Canopy - RSi SmartCap EVOcEnter the RSI SmartCap EVO-c.

It’s about the most perfect truck topper ever made, especially for small businesses or tradesmen who aren’t trying to operate a fleet of vehicles but need plenty of flexibility in how they organize their truck.

Here’s what we mean:  The RSI SmartCap EVO-c is completely modular, so even one person can mount it, remove it, and – the best part – modify it to do exactly what’s needed for the job or the weekend.

Let’s face it, when you put a traditional cap on your truck bed, you won’t be removing it to toss the snowmobile in the back to hit the backcountry this weekend.  Or haul that load of firewood.

The whole point of having a truck is about having the flexibility to move things, not simply carry around all your tools for the rest of your life!  When you install a SmartCap modular cap, you’re getting a stainless steel, five piece canopy that you can build – literally – in your driveway and have ready to go in less than one hour.

And remember what we said about buying quality?  “It only hurts once?”

While the RSI SmartCap has TONS of things going for it, a high price tag isn’t one of them – and every SmartCap comes with a three year warranty, no questions asked.

The best part of this easy-to-remove modular system is the simplest – you’re buying a high-quality piece of equipment that is forged steel, not sprayed fiberglass, so it’s as tough as that steel truck you’re putting it on.

Just makes common sense, doesn’t it?

RSI designed the SmartCap to be five easy-to-assemble pieces that we ship directly to your home, your business, or anywhere you’re ready to solve the age-old problem of getting protection for the contents of your truck bed and not sacrificing that same truck bed with a cover or a topper you can’t easily move.

We’re proud to offer this amazingly well engineered tool right here and available to ship wherever you need it.  Of course, something this radical and new might make you want to ask some questions, and our team is ready to listen and answer them right now – give us a call at 1-888-435-6466 or reach out to us right here.

The RSI SmartCap EVO-c will change how you view bed caps forever.