Here at Expertec, when it comes to upfitting trucks and vans for getting the job done, we’ve pretty well seen it all.  We’ve watched as vans got bigger AND smaller, as work trucks became luxury vehicles, and as Diesel power became the de-facto standard for “real” trucks. 

Along the way, we also learned a lot about what different skilled trades and industries needed to really get the job done, especially when it came to the trucks and vans they used.  Just like the many jobs our customers do, different trucks, vans, chassis’, and upfits can all serve to get the job done “right.”

Vans Aren’t The Only AnswerThrough all the years we’ve been doing this, though, the biggest challenge is often how to make a pickup do the work a van can do – or vice versa.  Hands down, pickups have more options available to buyers, and the resale value of these well-equipped trucks is often a big consideration for those in the market for a work vehicle. 

The solution is easy – slide on a topper to get more covered storage while obtaining the plush interiors and creature comforts of a high-end luxury car. 

But which one? 

For us, there’s two primary solutions – the SpaceKap slide in service body, or our very own Aluminum Slip-in Service Bodies

Both are incredibly tough and well built, but they are designed to handle a wide variety of needs. 

Which gives us solutions to every industry that needs the storage advantages of a topper!

For example, we find many SpaceKap users need the additional headroom that the Diablo can offer.  Maybe it’s a workstation, or a place to handle complex fibre optic connections, or even just loads of space to store smaller inventory, parts, and tools. 

Slip-In Service Truck BodiesOn the other hand, the Expertec Aluminum Slip In Service Body was built and designed from the ground up to handle heavy-duty work.  In nearly a dozen years of testing and refining, we’ve proven that powder coated aluminum holds up far better to the rigors of hot shotting and working far afield in tough conditions.  One reason we designed these units the way we did was that fact that, where these users work, trucks simply don’t last long.  Being able to move a Slip In Body from one truck to the next was important, because these units are going to outlast the truck they’re mounted on. 

And this is the key to any great upfit – the idea that you’re making an investment into you and your company.   Seasoned tradesmen know the value of great tools – they’ll outlast the user.  This is the same reason we carry and partner with certain companies and manufacturers. 

Vans Aren’t The Only AnswerCase in point:  A cheap socket will tighten or loosen most of the bolts and nuts you need it to, but when you’re miles from the store, or the store’s closed, you need to know, with complete certainty, that your tools will work.  Your wife’s Honda, or your son’s old Ford will get you to work just as well as your F250, but neither is going to haul the skid steer out of the snowbank or pull that 6,000 lb. trailer home when the cold front is coming and you know the Diesel is about to start gelling. 

At Expertec, we’ve got decades of experience knowing how best to get your truck ready to do the real work on the jobsite, and our products, especially our slip in service bodies, give you the right tool for the job, over and over again.