Only a little over a year ago, Vanair, a longtime partner of Expertec and an industry leader in providing mobile power solutions, introduced their newest line, EPEQ.

Now, there have been electronic interfaces for vehicles for more than a century, but a year after EPEQ’s introduction, it’s obvious to us how far-reaching this technology will be.  Let’s start with some basics, straight from the horse’s mouth, for those who are only just now hearing about EPEQ…

EPEQ - Light Duty Applications“EPEQ™ is a comprehensive, end-to-end, patent pending system, of zero emission and quiet Electrified Power Equipment™ products. Powered by Vanair’s EPEQ™ Smart Controller, which communicates with a specifically developed line of ELiMENT™ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, EPEQ™ allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine and still run the equipment you need on the jobsite. EPEQ™ is a fully self-contained and independent system that can be mounted on, or within, combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles, or even on trailers.”

Basically, Vanair has designed a safe, reliable and powerful electrical system that can provide tremendous electrical power on the job site without the need for traditional generators that take up lots of space, require fueling options that aren’t convenient, and are exceptionally loud. 

You might be thinking, “but how much power are we really talking about?”

A lot.  It’s no great feat to run a power inverter or even an air compressor on site off an existing 12 volt source – Expertec has installed those for decades.  It’s a far bigger ask to run a welder, or a hydraulic pump, and yet? 

The EPEQ does just that. 

Electrified Power Equipment for Fleets and Work VehiclesThe power to run a stick welder off a battery.

The power to run the hydraulic boom or crane with the engine off. 

Even better? 

The EPEQ system – and it really is just that, a system – integrates completely within the truck or van, so the vehicle’s electrical system can charge the EPEQ ELiMENT batteries while you’re in route to or from the job.  In a pinch?  They can even be charged from a traditional “shore power” style hookup. 

One of the really shining traits that Vanair designed into EPEQ, though, is an EV charger.  For the last few months, it seems, governments have made quite the “to-do” about green technologies and electric vehicles, but the reality is, here in our part of Canada, the infrastructure to support these vehicles is marginal, at best. 

EPEQ ELiMENT Battery and ControllerNow, though, for fleets that use EVs in the cities and on dedicated routes, for example, EPEQ provides a very real solution for the challenges that do arise when you deploy an EV as a part of your business. 

Vanair has really knocked it out of the park, not only on the design and integration, but also, in thinking of how to provide real solutions to the challenges we face in the real world.  The bigger value here, though, is not simply the ability to have a hydraulic pump, or a welder, or an air compressor on board.  Sure, that’s nice, but what Vanair has done is to create a complete solution to a series of challenges that contractors and fleets face in the field. 

In essence, they’ve created a complete operating system that can be integrated into the job(s) your business does, not just a one-off solution to a singular problem.  More importantly, this demonstrates the kind of forward-thinking that really can change the way we think about things!

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