Doesn’t the time fly by?  Even though we’re still in the deep freeze of the winter, it’s hard to believe how close Spring actually is.  Seemingly every day, business owners and skilled tradesmen are calling our teams to inquire about “the next truck” or “our new van” and – honestly – we’re excited about that.

But not because it’s a prospective sale, but rather, because our customers are getting back to a place they needed to be:  expanding.

Let’s face it, a lot of businesses took a beating these last three years, and now, it’s exciting to see our countrymen winning again.  Let’s dig in a little to talk about that…

First of all, manufacturing is catching up, and while new “work” trucks and vans are still in short supply, more and more are making it to the dealerships.  Despite the fact inflation has cut into the price of money, we’ve seen far more companies making institutional investment into their fleets.  Sure, in some cases, those purchases were forced, due to obsolescence or failure, but a lot of companies are expanding.

Canada is back in the business of growth, and in our own small way, Expertec is contributing to that, too.

With that said, let us show you how we’re doing that…

Truck Service Bodies - 11 Foot AluminumWe’re building our new Service Bodies right here, in Canada.

More importantly, aside from being able to support our own countrymen, we’re building these…

Out of aluminum.

That’s right, even our big 11-foot units for cab and chassis’ and duallys are built from 5052 high strength aluminum, then powder coated for even more durability.  The benefits are obvious:  lower curb weights, higher retained payloads, and better fuel economy.  Don’t confuse “aluminum construction” with “light duty” – these alloys are incredibly tough and while we’ve built a lot of options into them, even the list of standard equipment is far more robust than other service bodies on the market.

Seemingly “little” things, like rock protection on the leading edges, built-in D-rings for tiedowns, tailgates that are designed to not work against you and your gear when it’s time to unload, and plenty of lockable storage and shelving packages to create a place for everything, and to keep everything in its place.

Upfitting GreatnessOn the other hand, when we designed these new service bodies, we did it with an eye to ensuring our most popular items worked perfectly with ( or “in” ) them.  Compressors, welders, lube skids, additional lighting?  If you can dream it, we can upfit it, and with our new Service Bodies, we can help you get it on the road far faster than you ever thought before.

Seriously – we’ve been quietly preparing to announce these for a little while, and now that we know we can meet ALL the demands of our clients?  You can have the truck you want, with the high quality service body your trade demands, with the upfitting packages and tools you need, in a matter of days.

Upfitting GreatnessNot weeks.

Not months.

No waiting for it to get manufactured and shipped here, it is here.

And we understand the challenges right now with getting a new truck to put these on, and – not to brag – we can often help with that, too.  If you’re planning your next truck upfit, whether you have that truck or not, give our teams a call at 1-888-435-6466 or click right here to start the conversation.

We guarantee you’ll be impressed by the quality we’ve designed into our new service bodies, and the solutions we can build together.

  • Truck Service Bodies - 11 Foot Aluminum

    Expertec Aluminum Service Body – 11 Foot

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  • Aluminum Service Body - 8 Foot Classic

    Expertec Aluminum Service Body – 8 Foot Classic

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