Not a day goes by that one of our locations isn’t posed with the question about how to make loading and unloading vans and trucks easier.

In many ways, the various sizes of commercial vans and trucks manufacturers now offer has helped fuel easier ways to unload cargo and products from these vehicles.  After all, a front wheel drive Ford Transit Connect is far smaller than a full-sized Ram ProMaster 3500. 

How to get all your gear out of each of these is radically different, too.

There have always been loading ramp options available for trucks and vans, but they traditionally came with all sorts of challenges.  A “homemade” ramp could be left at the jobsite, or worse, fail when you were using it to get that palletized air conditioner offloaded.  Of course, these also took up plenty of space and had to be purpose built for the task. 

For those tradesmen and fleet managers who weren’t sure of what their teams needed onsite, the results could be less than spectacular – injuries, damaged products and tooling, and valuable time lost unloading piece by piece instead of on one single pallet or dolly. 

Of course, another huge challenge is, for want of a better word, “commitment.”  Think of it like this:  What are the real pros and cons of permanently mounting a ramp on your van?  Traditionally, you’ve got two options – the side doors or the back doors, and should those ramps be mounted inside or outside the van?

Unloading Doesn't Have to be Hard with Link Ramps - In ArticleHonestly, ANY decision is a trade off, and consider how many operators, fleet managers, and tradesman don’t get all the information they need before they commit.

Enter Expertec and one of our partners, Link Manufacturing.

No matter what the challenge you and your fleet are facing when it comes to loading and unloading, we’ve got the answer when it comes to ramps.  Let’s take the Link LB20 Series, for example.  Not only is there an incredible “3X” safety factor built into every ramp we use, the footprint of the ramp itself is incredibly small.  The result?  The ramp you need, when you need it, and no lost space.

It all comes down to knowing what you need or having a team in place to help you figure it out!

Expertec has partnered with one of the best manufacturers in the business – Link Manufacturing – to make sure we could meet every one of our customer’s needs.  These ramps can support tremendous loads – up to 1500 pounds – and Link offers multiple versions and ramp sizes available for any requirements.

Even better?  The entire Link ramp line takes up very little space, weighs less than an apprentice, and offers plenty of ways to stow the ramp inside, not out in the weather hung on a bumper or mounted to the frame externally.    

Just as importantly, these ramps are available in a variety of styles, too.  Whether you require a straight, bifold, trifold, swivel, lightweight, heavy duty or a customized solution for your unique needs, you can be confident our team of expert upfitters and installers know which ramp is right for your vehicle or fleet.

Link Manufacturing Ramps are another fantastic example of how our team at Expertec utilizes the best equipment to create the ideal solutions for work trucks and vans.

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