One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in the upfitting industry in the last decade is the vehicles themselves.   Vans and trucks, virtually unchanged for decades, now are catering to very specific users in terms of engines, payloads, and even the numbers of seats. 

Four door trucks are the norm now, and most manufacturers offer a variety of vehicles you could define as a “van.”  The cold, dark box of a cargo van our fathers drove when we were kids is long gone, replaced by smaller car-based chassis and larger, more ergonomic bodies for bigger jobs built on a truck chassis. 

To put it another way, the van is finally getting the respect it needs from manufacturers and fleet managers. 

Now, none of that is news to Expertec.  Readers and clients have long been aware of how Expertec has been championing vans as one of the most viable work vehicles any company could use.  Safe, secure, and comfortable, today’s van offers plenty of room for tools, products, and cargo.

There’s just one problem for many van owners and users:

Getting all that cargo off the van!  Yes, most all of them have wide open doors and plenty of floor space, but unlike a pickup truck, with the ability to hoist a load out of the bed or use a ramp for the tailgate, the van can be a little more challenging.  Not now. 

In the past, most vans just made you wrestle your load off of it.  Fortunately, Tommy Gate, who most of us know for their hydraulic lift gates used in box trucks and pickups for decades, has introduced their newest liftgate – the V2 Series – just for work vans.


But there’s more to it than that.

The liftgates we’re most used to seeing all attach outside the vehicle, but the V2 is internally mounted.  That’s incredibly good news for a lot of reasons, but chief among them?  Your investment isn’t out in the weather, leading to far less wear and tear on the unit and far more safety – no more slipping and sliding! 

Let’s look at a few features of the Tommy Gate V2 Series

  • First things first, Tommy Gate built the unit, so you know it’s incredibly durable. All of the V2 Series includes a dual-cylinder hydraulic system, which allows the unit to easily handle up to 1100 pounds. 
  • Since the liftgate mounts inside the van but takes up virtually no space, it doesn’t impact the floorspace you need in the van, but since it uses bridge mounts flush to the floor, loading and unloading isn’t as stressful as it used to be.
  • With the Dual Function Controls, the V2 operates as smoothly and easily as any of the Tommy Gates you’ve used in the past. Everything you need to do can be accomplished with one hand, BUT with the safety you and your team demand. 
  • Of course, what use is a lift if the ends aren’t safely tapered? As with everything Tommy Gate builds, the V2 Series features a tapered retention ramp to make sure your cargo doesn’t roll off the ramp AND you’ll be able to safely and smoothly transfer cargo. 
  • Since the entire V2 unit is internally mounted, Tommy Gate has made sure to not only keep the footprint small, but they’ve intentionally designed the pump, hardware, and motors to be mounted flush to the wall of the van right beside the wheel well – NO LOST SPACE!

There are a lot of other key components in the V2 Series, but the most important one is how easily the unit integrates into nearly any van on the market today.  Far from being a “one size fits all” application, the V2 is designed to fit perfectly into each chassis.  No loss of cargo space and no generic mounting points.  Every unit is built to make the most of the structural integrity of the van its installed in and this is what gives it such extraordinary strength and lifting ability. 

No matter how old or new the vans you’re using are, there’s a good chance the V2 will fit and be the perfect asset for the jobsite, especially if you consistently find you and your crew are struggling to load and unload heavy cargo from the van.  Even if you’re not sure if the V2 is the perfect fit for you, at Expertec, you know our team can share all types of options that make the job easier than you ever thought it would be.  Give us a call or come by one of our showrooms to see how the V2 can change everything!

Tommy Gate PDF Brochure