This Tommy Gate G2 Hydraulic Liftgate was installed on a Ford F-150 Truck at our Expertec Calgary location. Tommy Gate Hydraulic Lifts are designed for commercial and industrial vehicle operators and cargo handlers to complete daily tasks in a safer and more efficient manner.

Made in America at their Woodbine Manufacturing Co. facility, Tommy Gate has built a strong reputation for quality and strict adherence to the highest standards of engineering and craftsmanship. It is this dedication to their products and end users that make Tommy Gate the premiere brand of private, commercial and industrial vehicle hydraulic lifts.

Tommy Gate Liftgates are available for Pickup trucks (with or without a service body or dump body), Flatbeds, Cargo Vans, Step Vans and Cube Vans. No matter what equipment you haul to your worksite or the products that require delivering, Tommy Gate will turn your loading and unloading nightmares into a distant memory.