In the last 24 months, we’ve seen and fielded a lot of questions about the sheer volume of jobs and contracts being created in the fiber optic industry, especially with Alberta’s commitment to spending billions of dollars on the technology throughout the province. 

The truth is, a lot of skilled tradespeople are either shifting their skills to directly serve this industry or they’re being called on to support the growth in the business. 

Obviously, new businesses need support, and businesses that contract to the fiber industry are building or remodeling offices, warehouses, and industrial properties for this purpose … and those companies are coming to Expertec.

Thinking Outside the BoxIn some cases, it’s to upfit a new fleet for fiber installation and splicing, and our Fiber Optic Truck Splicing Packages were designed specifically for this purpose.  In other instances, we’re seeing contractors that need to upfit – or retrofit – older trucks and vans that were either used “stock” or had been used in another trade. 

The results are the same:  we’re able to create a custom solution for our clients that allows them to either play a direct or indirect role in the fiber optic industry in western Canada. 

With the sheer number of challenges we’ve faced out here – going back nearly a decade – it’s simply fantastic to see so many lives being positively impacted again – and that money staying local, where it can freely circulate in our communities. 

With that in mind, we wanted to ask you – our readers – have you begun to see the benefits of this increased focus on building out a fiber optic network throughout Alberta?  Certainly some of the most rural areas in the province have already seen installations, and larger towns are coming online in the next few months.  More importantly, have you seen any impact to your own business – perhaps new clients you and your teams serve that are doing some of the work on these new networks being built and funded by TELUS? 

We’d really like to hear what your experiences have been, and also, what your expectations are for the coming year. 

…And while we’re on that subject, what do you need – and how can Expertec help you – to better serve all of your clients, not just startups and fiber contractors, but ALL of your customers?

Thinking Outside the BoxTo go back to our previous example, the Fiber Optic Truck Splicing Packages, we created these based on feedback from our own customers who were in the fiber industry.  But what about the dozens of other trades that are being positively impacted? 

The team at Expertec has the experience to create something just as useful for any of the trades, and we’ve been doing that for over thirty years. 

Do all you electricians need a turnkey option like that? 

What about plumbers? 

In reality, any contractor?

You guessed it, we can do it … and we can do it faster than you ever thought possible.  When you work with our team you’ll find it’s often possible to not only get your truck or van upfitted in a matter of days, but also, if you’re dealing with a new vehicle you haven’t taken delivery on yet, we’re able to work with the dealer and the finance company to give you exactly what you need in one payment. 

That’s right – a bespoke solution for your business, and only one payment to be made each month.  This is why we’re so passionate about the solutions we offer, and why our team is constantly researching to understand the needs of the skilled trades in western Canada. 

We create and build solutions. 

Give us a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to get the ball rolling, and tell us what you need.  If you can dream it, we can build it.