We’ve spoken about Flettner Ventilators before and while the ideas behind our previous conversations stemmed from using these handy ventilators in truck and van upfitting, we’ve actually had a ton of feedback on both the website and our social media pages about other places folks have installed Flettner Ventilators. 

Today, we wanted to share those, because some of these are truly “out of the box” uses that – when we think about them – are perfect. 

Flettner Ventilator BenefitsOf course, the “easy” ones are those dealing with vehicles and trailers.  Flettner Ventilators are really handy to have, because they require no power, only a hint of a breeze, to turn the spindle and move air in these closed spaces.  We’ve installed many of them to ensure fumes are mitigated in trailers, sensitive electronics don’t overheat on “off-grid” jobsites, and so on. 

Another “low-hanging fruit” of a location to install a Flettner Ventilator is, of course, recreational vehicles – either those that were purpose-built as such or a “homemade” unit, such as a converted school bus. 

It’s easy to see how businesses that deal with mobile pet grooming or transport would adopt a Flettner unit – we’ve all dealt with that “wet dog” smell and when it’s really cold outside, you don’t want to open all the windows, but some cross-ventilation is ALWAYS a nice thing. 

A great install one of our readers commented on was installing two Flettner Ventilators in a repurposed shipping container they used in the bush for a cabin.  (We actually heard two different version of this idea – the other one was a small portable building used for storage, but the Flettner unit helped to keep fresh air circulating.)  In both instances, the users mentioned how much “cleaner” the air smelled, even when the doors had been shut up for extended periods. 

Up until now, most of the ideas we’ve seen or had shared with us dealt with vehicles – or at least, something that was vehicle related.  But, you guys (and girls) continue to amaze us, because we had two “comments” regarding using one of these simple units to vent basements and crawlspaces.  First, for moisture, but second, for things like radon gas and other naturally occurring fumes in certain soils.  While that’s not a unique idea, it’s the first time we really began looking at the far bigger picture of how useful these ventilators really are. 

Flettner Ventilator - OuthouseBut the most unique, or creative, way we’ve heard of Flettner Ventilators being used was again, in the bush, but as completely green units to vent fumes from – you guessed it – outhouses and porta-potties.  When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because these units can run on even the smallest breeze and no power source.  More importantly, Flettner Ventilators are designed to run with no real maintenance, are completely waterproof, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

There’s a reason Expertec chooses our partners so carefully, and Flettner Ventilators’ quality is one of the main reasons.  Yes, there are “cheap” ventilators on the market, but when you’re mounting and using one in a more remote location, or one that might not be inspected for weeks or months at a time, isn’t the peace of mind of great quality worth having?  No matter where you might be making improvements – a vehicle, storage unit, camper, or bush camp – Flettner Ventilators are up to the task, and your creativity in deploying them is the only limit.   

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