Without a doubt, we are all involved in one of the most historic events – like it or not – of our time.  It might be easy to throw stones right now, at our local and national leaders, and what this country or that country “should” have done, but the truth is, they are doing the best they can with the information they have.

At Expertec, we’ve chosen to look for the good that we see in the world today.

People helping others.

People recognizing the men and women who are keeping our country afloat and our families safe are the people we wouldn’t have noticed only a few weeks ago.

Nurses.  Doctors.  Janitors.  Truck drivers.  Warehouse workers.

The guy in the beat up work truck making sure the internet connection in your house is solid so your kids can go to a virtual classroom.

The young lady ringing up your groceries.

The nurse who won’t go into her own home so she can keep her family safe.

There’s Good News If You Look For ItWe want to add another name to that list, too…

Those folks in manufacturing that have quickly pivoted entire production lines to produce the materials the world needs to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  Just like our grandparents did in World War Two, American and Canadian production lines are retooling practically overnight to produce the supplies and equipment our healthcare systems need to ensure the highest chance of survival against this virus.

There are so many, but for us, it’s amazing to see our partner companies, who built things like toolboxes and van shelves only weeks ago, completely reorganize to produce emergency field beds for patients.  In other instances, companies have retooled their assembly lines to shift from fleet equipment to medical storage cabinets, hand sanitizing stations, IV poles, and a variety of the small but critical items every healthcare facility needs … as quickly as possible.

We’re honored to be able to work with those businesses and to be able to add our own expertise to their actions.

Effective immediately – and probably before you’ll even see this article – we’ve begun to handle the ordering and distribution for medical equipment to fight the pandemic and assist healthcare institutions and municipalities throughout the country.  You can check out these new and important offerings right here.

Even more amazing?  Our partners have promised us they have the ability to quickly scale to meet the rising demands.

We’re honored to be able to take our own knowledge of the systems and processes necessary to get tools into the hands of professionals and pivot our business.  We’re not only capable of serving the countless fleets that are continuing to provide essential services, but we’re also able to provide some of the most basic medical equipment that many of us forget is still critical.

Field beds.Emergency Field Bed


Hand sanitizing stations.

Laptop stations for medical monitoring.

Emergency Field Equipment and Medical Equipment - IV PollsEven IV Poles.

We’re living in strange times – times where the popular artists, movie stars, and athletes have quietly been pushed to the side and a new set of heroes has emerged.  The teams of essential workers, the medical professionals, the RNs and CPNs that are treating our family and friends as they fight the coronavirus.

Expertec is proud to be able to join in this fight and to use our own expertise to help our country – and our world – win this fight.