The REAL Costs of Fiber OpticA few years ago, when it was announced by TELUS that Alberta would be receiving nearly $16 billion towards fiber optic networks throughout the province, most – if not all – of us were overjoyed. 

Faster internet, a more robust network to support e-commerce, and thousands of new jobs in and supporting the industry. 

In that time, a lot of fiber has been brought online, and a lot of skilled tradespeople have moved to support the fiber industry.  While it’s easy to see how new construction, or retrofitted facilities support other skilled trades in addition to the fiber industry, there have been a lot of new companies formed to specialize in fiber installation. 

…But what does that really cost? 

An honest answer is this, “As much as you want it to.”

Seriously!  If you were to go “all in” on opening your own fiber business as a contractor, you could easily spend in excess of $250,000 to do it all, and that wouldn’t begin to cover any heavy equipment like trenchers, loaders, and the vehicles to transport them. 

The REAL Costs of Fiber OpticOn the other hand, what’s really needed to handle the actual splicing of fiber?  That’s where the real work is done, anyhow. 

Well, for starters, a nearly surgically clean place to do that splicing. 

Out of the weather, out of the dust and pollen, and preferably, at a fairly stable (and mild) temperature. 

In other words, what you might see in one of our purpose-built rigs here: Fiber Optic Truck Splicing Packages.

We’ve been asked many times why so many fiber splicing operations are mobile, so let’s talk about that. 

The sheer size of a cable and sheathing used for fiber limits the actual length of cable that can be spooled and then transported to about 4 km, so literally, every strand of every cable needs to be spliced and the cable sheathing resealed right there, wherever “there” is.  Obviously, given the wide range of ecosystems in western Canada, comfort and safety is important, as well as a spotlessly clean workstation. 

When Expertec began to create purpose-built packages to support the fiber community, we focused on the people who were actually doing the work. 

Of course, we absolutely can handle helping to upfit all the other trucks and vans needed to support a company handling large contracts for installations, but we’ve always felt a strong bond to the men and women who are doing the work.

The REAL Costs of Fiber OpticWhat do they need?

What helps them get the job done faster?

What isn’t fun about fleet vehicles?

Why can’t a work truck or van actually help get things done on the job? 

We’ve been asking those questions since the beginning and we’ve never stopped looking for the answers – no matter what the industry is. 

The truth is, the companies that are bringing fiber optic to Alberta are using contractors – in many instances – to meet their own goals, and we’re seeing many skilled tradespeople taking the time to learn how they can become part of this “fiber revolution.” 

It doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition, either, and yet, it can be a very lucrative one.  If you’re planning a move as a contractor in the fiber industry, our team is happy to share more about the packages we offer, as well as how you can completely upfit a new truck for fiber within the same financing package you’ll use from the dealership. 

Give us a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to get the ball rolling, and tell us what you need.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

The REAL Costs of Fiber Optic