One of the most common questions our teams receive is also the hardest to answer, “how long will it take to get my truck or van upfitted?”  In general, we pride ourselves in fast turnaround times, but there are some upfitting solutions that are literally instant. 

Take the Roll-A-Ramp, for example – take it out of the box and put it to work.  

Portable Aluminum Vehicle Loading Ramp - Roll-A-RampWhile most cargo ramps for trucks and vans must be permanently mounted, the Roll-A-Ramp offers a lightweight, heavy duty ramp that literally rolls up for easy storage. 

Even better?  The Roll-A-Ramp is built from a high-strength aluminum alloy that gives you a 1,000 pound capacity. 

The best part is the ease at which you can deploy these ramps.  Need them on this job?  Drop them in the truck!  Need to use them on this van for a delivery?  Load it in and it’s ready.  The Roll-A-Ramp is an innovative solution for adding a loading ramp to nearly anything. 

That brings us to the real advantage the Roll-A-Ramp gives our customers – flexibility. 

We all know that in business and life, the ability to quickly adapt to situations and scenarios is critical for success and safety on the job.  Recently, we’ve seen more and more creative uses of the Roll-A-Ramp, too.  Here’s just a few:


  • A First Nations group in the north country is deploying Roll-A-Ramps to assist tribal elders into and out of boats. Once everyone is safely in, the Roll-A-Ramp can be easily rolled up, stowed, and transported for use at the next dock. 
  • Multiple schools, businesses, and municipalities use the Roll-A-Ramp for providing additional wheelchair access for students, customers, and citizens at a fraction of the cost of retrofitting permanent ramps. The design of the Roll-A-Ramp also offers superior traction over traditional construction materials. 
  • Businesses with fleets are also using these stowable ramps instead of traditional permanent ramps in their trucks and vans because it gives them an advantage of being able to have a ramp on any vehicle in the fleet – especially if they don’t often need one as part of their upfitting solution.
  • Surprisingly, we’ve seen the Roll-A-Ramp being used by folks in both Recreational Vehicles to aid in egress and ingress and as a way to provide a quickly deployable ramp for step vans and food trucks with customer service windows. If you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense – it keeps the lines of customers moving right along and makes transactions far easier. 

Portable Aluminum Vehicle Loading Ramp - Roll-A-Ramp

The list could go on and on.  What’s so nice about the Roll-A-Ramp is the options it provides you with.  Users can easily adjust the length of their ramps by adding or removing links, giving them a ramp anywhere from 6 to 16 feet in length.  This is important because, in the case of wheelchairs, for example, the slope of a given ramp is federally mandated.  It’s still vitally important when you’re trying to ensure your team is moving heavy items safely, too – we’ve all seen how some employees approach loading and unloading! 

The Roll-A-Ramp offers a unique system that allows nearly instantaneous deployment with no excuses.  It’s light weight and heavy load-bearing capabilities offer some incredible advantages to traditional users as well as people and companies who are thinking “out of the box.” 

If you’re struggling to find a good balance between traditional vehicle ramps and your fleet’s needs, give our team a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to find out how the Roll-A-Ramp can solve your challenges.

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  • Portable Aluminum Vehicle Loading Ramp - Roll-A-Ramp

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