One of the biggest challenges we see today, as experts in creating upfitted solutions for businesses, fleets, and first responders, is today’s jobs take a lot more gear.  Communications, technology, and safety equipment have all added substantially more items to the list of “must-haves” that can be expected on the job and in the field.

For first responders, especially law enforcement, these items are even more critical, and keeping them stowed properly – and being able to deploy them quickly – is paramount to their security and safety.

The CopBox – A Storage Solution For First RespondersWith that in mind, Expertec is proud to announce our new partnership with CTech Manufacturing, the makers of the CopBox family of storage compartments for first responder vehicles.  CTech storage cabinets are built in the United States, too, so there’s no question about the quality of the materials they use, the functionality of the design, or their commitment to their customers and users.

The fact is, though, more and more agencies are using SUVs for their emergency and enforcement fleets, and even though these vehicles lend themselves easily to upfitting for law enforcement, the peculiarities of an SUV versus a sedan create some new challenges.

Obviously, the first one is no trunk! Without the second layer of security that a trunk can offer, it’s more critical to ensure that all storage is not only lockable, but still easily accessible in emergencies, but not just for the reasons you might think.

In an accident, especially a high speed incident common to first responders, ensuring ALL gear stays put is the first job of any storage compartment.  Having even a lightweight item rolling around in the passenger compartment in a pursuit or a tactical response could cause serious injury to the men and women who are in the vehicle.  CopBox storage compartments are engineered to do this perfectly, with their QuickLink® Mounting System.  In fact, even though the QuickLink® Mounting System is incredibly robust, it also makes it convenient to move storage boxes from one vehicle to another based on a situation’s needs.

The CopBox – A Storage Solution For First RespondersIt might seem that a strong storage solution would be a heavy storage solution, but that’s not the case at all.   CTech can proudly say they are the lightest and most durable units on the market today.  These are engineered for these exact types of mobile applications, and each unit is powder coated for durability.

Just as importantly, CTech understands that one size can’t fit all.  They’ve designed multiple solutions to the challenges of first response storage and can be configured a number of different ways, from long gun storage to padded electronic boxes, to emergency medical supply storage.  In the course of their design work, they’ve also created solutions that allow access to the spare tire area of a vehicle and don’t impede on the functionality of the CopBox.

Once you’ve decided on the right CopBox, there are multiple accessories to choose from based on your needs.  Drawers can be divided up, soft padding liners configured to any given drawer, and a wide range of bolt-ons can be added to accentuate the functionality of any first response vehicle.

Expertec is proud to partner with CTech, just as we have always been proud of our association with first responders all across western Canada.  If your agency is struggling to find the best way to store all the gear it needs for any situation, give our team a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to find out how CTech’s CopBox compartments can solve those challenges and keep your first responder teams safe.


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