Let’s just be honest:  we’re all in the trades, to a greater or lesser degree.  Sure, you might be in sales, or specialize in agriculture, or be surrounded by white-collar types, but nearly all of us serve a role in the skilled trades. 

And that means a lot of us don’t have time to be aware of changes until they’ve pretty well occurred.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the communications industry.  We expect our phones to work, and we expect our internet services to not be interrupted (and to be fast enough, too!), but how that happens? 

It’s above our pay grade – we just pay the bill. 

Over the last few years, Expertec has shared the news that companies like TELUS is investing $16 BILLION into Alberta and the fibre optic infrastructure throughout the Province. 

The Coming Communication Revolution

Some quick highlights of that? 

  • An estimated 25,000 new jobs
  • Easier access to 5G as it rolls out
  • Faster service speeds regardless of location
  • Better learning opportunities for children in schools and virtual classrooms

Now, you might think “That’s nice.  What’s it got to do with me?”

Plenty, even if you aren’t actively involved in the communications industry. 

The Coming Communication RevolutionFor starters, access to fibre optic internet and communications is going to streamline many businesses.  As it becomes easier to communicate, the expectations your customers are going to have will increase. 

To put it bluntly, they’ll have options due to new companies and services that today aren’t available. 

More importantly, though, you’ll have options, too. 

Remember those 25,000 jobs?   Some of those will be taken by your friends and family, and – for those of us in the trades – we’ll undoubtedly be serving some of those men and women. 

Maybe it’s building new offices or homes, maybe it’s wiring up warehouses, maybe it’s servicing new fleets. 

We’re all going to benefit. 

The Coming Communication RevolutionAt Expertec, we’ve already seen so much interest in the fibre industry we’ve begun to market directly to the contractors who are actually doing the work.  Our Fibre Optic Truck Splicing Packages have been well received in the field, and are really just the tip of the iceberg in how we’re serving this rapidly expanding industry in Western Canada. 

We’ve chosen to think about this pioneering communication upgrade for the province like this:  our experience in upfitting trucks and vans over the years has allowed us to know how to move quickly and create effective packages for every industry.  We’re using that experience to support this new technology and our fellow countrymen. 

We’ve identified what works when it comes to work trucks and vans, and, just like you, we’re happy to share that experience with the new industries growing right here at home. 

If you’re investigating how your own skills can become a part of this fibre optic avalanche, our team would love to hear from you to learn how you’re doing that – and how we can serve you.  Give us a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here.  Either way, we’re excited to see this huge technology project serving all of us. 

The Coming Communication RevolutionThe Coming Communication Revolution