Last month, we announced how our own Slip-In Service Bodies are now built in Canada, and our teams have fielded a LOT of calls about not only these all aluminum units, but also, the more conventional SpaceKap fiberglass slide in service bodies.  It’s easy to see why – everyone loves pickup trucks, and while we’re not going to get into the “van vs. truck” debate, the truth is, pickups aren’t nearly as useful for many trades “as-issued.” 

The Best Truck Tops In The BusinessExpertec has been making trucks and vans far more useful for over a decade, and in that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.  See, for every product we sell, there are scores of products we don’t. 

Take these slide in service bodies, for example.  Our own in-house designed Slip-In Unit and the SpaceKap.  For years, we’ve researched, studied, tested, and even broken other designs to see why they work (or don’t) and the truth is, we could offer other solutions, but many times, they leave something to be desired. 

Cheap “toppers” don’t last. 

The hardware rusts out.  The hinges break.  The locks fall apart.  Roofs crack, shelves fail – you name it, we’ve seen it. 

…And their warranties are filled with “gotchas.” 

The Best Truck Tops In The BusinessWe simply won’t carry other units because we know, in the long run, they aren’t going to serve our customers the way our two featured designs will. 

And while you might think of these as simply tools with a definite lifespan, we recognize each of our clients is making an investment in their business and their fleet.  Not only when they walk in our door, but with every recommendation our teams make to them. 

Our promise to you, as a client, is the items you see us carrying and installing on vehicles are the best in the business.  They might not be the least expensive option, but they are the best option.  When other slide in service bodies have succumbed to harsh usage and terrible environments, the SpaceKap and our Slip In Service Bodies are still going to be in service (and still looking great, by the way!)

The Best Truck Tops In The BusinessTo willingly offer a less durable and functional option would be incredibly selfish!

When we upfit a truck, and our team recommends a service body, our clients know they are getting a recommendation based on our own experience and our reputation.  We’ve spent decades learning what works and what doesn’t, and just like the tools in your own toolbox, you know what will last and what won’t.

Expertec only builds trucks and vans that will last.

If you’d like to learn more, especially how these incredibly tough slide in service bodies can be used on a variety of trucks and situations, over an even longer service life than you ever thought possible, reach out to our team right here or simply call 1-888-435-6466.  We’ve done the studying, we’ve done the torture tests, and we know what works.  Simply put, we won’t sell a product that won’t serve our clients and that has made us the most successful upfitter in western Canada.  Let us prove it to you!

The Best Truck Tops In The Business