More than ever, the conversation around electric vehicles (EVs) is front and center – with historically high fuel prices cutting into profits, new vehicle selection hampered by supply chain issues, and an economy that is still recovering in the post-Covid era.

While many companies are trying to wring a few more months or years out of their fleet vehicles, others are embracing EVs like the Ford E-Transit for fleet duty.  Introduced in the 2022 model year, the E-Transit is filling the niche for fleets in a variety of circumstances, especially within cities and on dedicated routes.

It goes without saying that many fleet managers are “on the fence’ about EVs – we’ve covered many of the pros and cons of electric vehicles in general in other articles, but one thing is for sure:

EVs aren’t going away.  Chevy has introduced its Blazer, Tesla has its CyberTruck, and it seems that every week, another manufacturer has a press release about another EV.

But is the aftermarket supporting these units?

If you and your company opt to go electric, can you still get the upfitted unit you need to do the job most effectively?

As a matter of fact, you can.

Support for EVs? It's Available!Case in point:  Tommy Gate has announced their line of hydraulic lift gates compatible with the Ford E-Transit.  Even better?  Tommy Gate has multiple units that work with the eight different body styles the E-Transit can be ordered in!

You can choose from the 650, Cantilever and V2 liftgates.

Of course, anyone researching the purchase of an EV worries about the vehicles range, and when you are using electric power to operate accessories, those worries can become very real.  How much juice does the Tommy Gate EV liftgate really use?

In the Ford Transit, one cycle of the liftgate (with 1,100 pounds!) uses… are you ready for this?

0.017 of the 12 volt capacity of the E-Transit, which is calculated at 0.84.

Or less than 2%!

Now, let’s be honest – the overall capacity of any Transit means that it would have to have been unloaded and reloaded many times in the course of the day to ever run that battery down by merely cycling the Liftgate – and that means the operator would have had access to charging equipment.   In other words – this purposely designed Tommy Gate is going to help operators get the job done, not be a bother!

And we’re seeing that over and over again, both with the manufacturers of vehicles and the companies that support us as upfitters.

Many of the components designed for the gas and diesel models are available for the EV units, and with the emphasis on lightweight designs, even the most robust solutions are still lightweight and “range friendly.”  The key to this, of course, is taking the time to understand exactly how you’ll use an EV, the sort of daily routes and routines your team uses, and even what sort of gear and cargo you generally have on board.

When our team at Expertec have these details, they can guide you to the smartest way to upfit an EV, no matter what jobs it might be called upon to do.  If you’re ready to learn more about the Tommy Gate lift gate for Ford’s E-Transit, or require equipment for any work truck or van, give our team a call at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click right here to reach us.

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    Tommy Gate 650 Hydraulic Liftgate for Vans

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  • Tommy Gate Van Hydraulic Liftgate Catilever Series

    Tommy Gate Cantilever Hydraulic Liftgate for Vans

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