These days, more than any we have ever seen, the need for strict sanitation and cleanliness is critical.

Fleet managers, business owners, and even subcontractors are paying far more attention to how their vehicle fleets are perceived by the public.  Now, that’s nothing new; it’s always been a fact of life for many companies.  When the public sees a clean work vehicle, they immediately begin to form positive opinions about the company.

The same holds true for negative ones.

Dirty truck?  Obviously, they don’t care about the work they do.

Bad driver?  Again, the company has no respect for the laws, other people, and it surely “must” show in their work ethic.

Company vehicle with any kind of damage?  They must not have any money to repair anything.  Undoubtedly, they must not care about quality.

Now, anyone who actually owns and operates a work vehicle knows this is rarely the case, but in the light of COVID-19?  Public perception is everything.

At the same time, the real facts about safety in the workplace mean that operators, employees, and management need to address – everyday – how the even the most mundane jobs are being done.

Is there a need to add PPE (personal protective equipment), even if the job doesn’t strictly call for it?  For many operators and owners, incorporating PPE into their company image and safety codes is rapidly becoming the status quo.

Here at Expertec, we’re seeing more and more businesses in the trades that are doing just that.  Gloves and masks being used by teams that never have used them before.  Distribution and inventory systems being redesigned to be “no touch,” Social distancing is becoming a written policy for the foreseeable future.

Staying Safe with Crew View Sneeze Guard Vehicle PartitionsOne of the obvious challenges for companies, especially those who need to transport workers from site to site, is how do you ensure employee safety from airborne transmission inside a vehicle?   Masks are one of the main options, but let’s face it: after a long day, can you really be assured your team is going to keep on their masks?

Even more realistically, how many of us (and our team members) have a cup of coffee on their way to the job site or a cold soda when they leave work?

These are exactly the “real world” reasons that Expertec has introduced the Crew View Sneeze Guard system.  This is a clear polycarbonate that helps to create a physical barrier between driver and passengers and that, as we’ve all learned so much in the last two months, is critical to slowing the transmission of the Coronavirus.

Just as importantly, though, the Crew View Sneeze Guard provides more than just a physical barrier.  It also serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and sanitation – to your employees AND to any customer (or potential customer) that sees your company using it in your vehicles.

…The same way you try to ensure your trucks and vans are clean every time they hit the road!

Staying Safe with Crew View Sneeze Guard Vehicle PartitionsNow, even though we designed the Crew View to be used in trucks and vans, we have a variety of designs for more traditional passenger cars and SUVs.  With home delivery becoming more and more popular, the ability to install a Crew View into any delivery vehicle means that your team on site can load the delivery goods up and the driver cannot easily access them.  When the delivery is made, the customer can simply unload their items and feel confident that your team is operating a far safer system than other courier services.

Perhaps the best part of the Crew View design is that any model can be easily installed by your team.  No need to have our professional team handle it – although we’re always happy to do so!  As a result, the Crew View can be moved between similar models and families of trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles, but these are NOT universal units.

Check out our Crew View Sneeze Guards today and see how easy it can be to add another tangible layer to the safety systems that protect you, your crews, and your customers in this strange new world.

Stay safe out there!