One of the most enjoyable things for many of us is the first drive after we’ve bought a new vehicle.  It might be for the family, or a new truck for work, or even a work van for the fleet, but the simple fact is that, as much of a pain as the buying can be, actually taking delivery of that new truck or van is a lot of fun.

There’s a sense of “what next?” in the process. 

Thinking about when and how you’ll get your tools and equipment loaded up – and maybe do a little cleaning and organizing before you get it all put in, too.  Of course, with the blank slate of a new van, there’s always the consideration of any upgrades you might want to put in place for storage.

Maybe some shelves?

A workstation?

Upgrade the lighting in the back to actually see what you’re doing instead of trying to hold a flashlight. 

StabiliGrip FlooringWhile all of those are great ideas – and definitely worth doing – the fact is, the smartest place to start is at the bottom. 

Literally.  Think about it:  the floor of your new van gets “used” more than anything else, and scuffs to the paint, especially in winter, can lead to corrosion.  When you add in the fact that your brand new cargo van is like a giant tin can, adding in a perfectly-fitting van flooring can make a huge difference in road noise AND give you and your team a bit of insulation, too. 

DuraTherm Van Wall Liners - White…And, of course, there’s the added element of slip resistance, which can be the difference between an injury and a regular day of work. 

Expertec has been sorting out flooring options for vans for years, and as the premier upfitter for trucks and vans in western Canada, we’ve learned a few things.  For instance, our friends at Legend make some of the best floor liners in the business. 

DuraTherm Van Door Liners - GreyWe’re not talking about those generic, thin “floor mats”, either.  We’re talking about heavy-duty, perfectly fit flooring that takes into account the way you use a work or cargo van.  Think about it:  certain types of vans (or industries) might need a heavy-duty and “softer” floor to cushion, while others need a more rigid liner that offers more protection and insulation for lighter cargo. 

While we’re on that subject, Legend didn’t stop at the floor, they also designed and built some unique solutions for the walls in your new van, too.  The reason is simple:  as well built as today’s work vans are, those walls and roofs are designed by the manufacturer to do one thing – hold the van together, not keep out road noise or provide any insulating factors for you and your gear. 

Sure, you could “just live with it,” but why do that when there are so many great options?

DuraTherm Van Door Liners - WhiteAgain, our friends at Legend have an entire line of solutions that are custom-fit to your make and model of work van.  This means you don’t lose space, but you gain a quieter, more comfortable ride.   Of course, lining the walls (and even the roof) is also the ideal first step to adding in your storage shelves, lighting, and workstations or interior bins, too. 

To give you some idea of how seamless these liners are, here’s a few photos we just shot of some recent builds in our shop.

Notice how NO space is wasted? 

Notice how professional it looks? 

Even better, did you notice how well protected the interior is now?

…And how it finally looks ready to have shelves, storage, and all the other “goodies” added?

Van Wall and Ceiling Lining
We thought you might, because we’ve been sharing the importance of flooring and wall liners for work vans – for quieter rides, insulation, durability, and resale value – for decades. 

Now, maybe this is a new idea for you, and if it is, consider it well, because the days of tradesmen in vans with cobbled-together homemade shelves and random storage “bins” is over.  Today, your clients expect a professional, and that extends into every facet of your appearance and business. 

Expertec has the solutions you need, and the experience to guide you in every stage of upfitting your new van.  Click here to schedule a time to learn more, or simply call our team at 1-888-435-6466.