The first week of 2022 is well underway and from our entire team at Expertec to you, your family, and your business, we wish you a profitable and promising new year. 

In our post last week, we touched on one of the “buzzwords” for 2022, and that’s “efficiency”.

Starting 2022 Off On The Right FootWith the many challenges we’re all facing, the ability to improvise and handle more situations and scenarios than your competition is going to be how you and your company succeed. 

In some scenarios, you might see it reflected in your ability to close deals faster. 

In others, it’s how quickly you and your team can finish the job – and possibly overcome some supply challenges along the way. 

The truth in all this is simple: “efficiency” applies to every level of your business, especially the trucks you and your team use to get the job done.  Some things to consider, as you think about your fleet:

  • Do your trucks support your business, or are they simply transportation?
  • What items – such as tools or parts – stay in your work trucks all the time?
  • Who’s riding in those trucks?
  • How much of an impact does weather play on your ability to get the job done?
  • How long do trucks last for you?
  • Are you loyal to a brand of truck, or is buying a new truck all about the deal you can get when it’s time to buy?

The challenges our team hears, on a nearly daily basis, is about supply.  True, there simply aren’t a lot of new trucks on the market, and the ones that are for sale are late-model units with plenty of miles and hefty price tags. 

When you take a step back, though, you might recognize that even an older unit in your current fleet can still provide a ton of value with just a few tweaks. 

Maybe a liftgate, or a cargo bed.  An onboard air compressor and a power inverter

Even a slip-in service body or a truck canopy to reframe what, exactly, you can carry in the bed.  The fact is, just because a truck in your fleet is a base model, or might be a little “seasoned” doesn’t mean it can’t be made more efficient – and help you generate far more sales from it than you ever thought possible in the past. 

Starting 2022 Off On The Right FootWhy are we telling you this?  Frankly, it’s because so many of us (yes, even us!) have been caught in the trap of allowing ourselves to put off making changes to something until something better is a certainty. 

People don’t leave a job until they have another one lined up.

They don’t move out of their house until they know where they’re going. 

Unfortunately, many business owners do the same thing by refusing to upgrade a truck that’s already in the fleet.  They’ll upfit a new truck, and never bat an eye about maintenance, but “upfitting” it – even if it’s only a few years old – seems to be a waste of time to them. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Have you ever been late to work and the only vehicle left was a dead-reliable old truck that was bone stock?  And sure, while it got you to the job and back with no issues, it took us a considerable amount of time to get all of our tools, the parts we needed, and get everything loaded. 


Imagine how much time your team could save if “old reliable” was upfitted right? 

An hour a day? 

That’s five hours a week!  Twenty a month.  Over 200 hours a year! 

And what could you do to that “old” truck to make it more efficient? 

Start your list right here

You don’t have to buy a new truck to make a truck better, and our team at Expertec can show you how.  You can reach out to us at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to set up an appointment, or, if you’re ready to do your own upfitting, you can shop in our online store.

Get 2022 off on the right foot and build the trucks you and your team need to be competitive, no matter where the job takes you. 

More importantly, let’s all dig in this year and make the changes our world needs.

Starting 2022 Off On The Right Foot