It seems like every time we turn around, there’s good news even amidst all the doubt and worry.

The first reports of successful treatments and recoveries from COVID-19, the conversations beginning to discuss how to safely reopen the economy, and businesses embracing the new reality of our times and not only surviving but thriving.

In business magazines, digital posts, and press conferences, the overarching themes we’re seeing is less “gloom and doom” and, honestly, far more optimism.  Over and over again, we’ve heard the term “pivot” applying to the companies that are thinking creatively for solutions to the current crisis.

A t-shirt manufacturer that shifted to making masks.

A shelving company making emergency field beds.

A medical manufacturer of CPAP machines that quickly pivoted to make ventilators.

At Expertec, we’re excited and inspired by these success stories, and we want to share some of our own – notably, the Crew View Sneeze Guard Partitions and RAMSOL Disinfectant Spray System.

Crew View Sneeze Guard Partition SquareThese products are both perfect examples of our own “pivots” to serve the needs of our customers and, more importantly, the needs of our communities.

We developed the Crew View Sneeze Guards as an incredibly easy way for businesses and individuals to quickly and easily install an effective barrier between the driver and passenger areas of a car, van, or truck.  Built from crystal-clear polycarbonate, the Crew View Sneeze Guard leaves a vehicle open for conversation and viewing, but creates an effective partition that cuts down dramatically on the chances of person-to-person transmission.

What’s so amazing is that even though the Crew View was developed to protect passengers and drivers, we’re seeing delivery and courier businesses using them, too.  Everyone, it seems, is looking for an edge to ensure their employee’s and customer’s safety.

Ramsol Disinfectant Spray SystemThe RAMSOL Disinfectant Spray is just as amazing!  This is a product that quickly kills COVID-19 on nearly any surface (as well as a multitude of other pathogens), is incredibly easy to apply, and, due to the nature of the chemical, has a lasting impact.  This is in stark contrast to many chemicals being deployed today, which, once they “flash” and the carrier solvent dissolves, lose all their ability to defend against the Coronavirus or any other disease.

Yes, we’re living in unprecedented times, but our entire team is excited and looking forward to helping businesses and companies like you to stay safe and to make your own successful pivots.  Give us a call at 1-888-435-6466.

We’re all in this together!