Oasis Continuous Duty Onboard Air Compressor (XD4000-12)

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The Oasis XD4000-12 is the ultimate for extensive compressed air performance.  It features an exclusive, forced air, motor and compressor cooling system.  The specially designed deep-finned head and compressor body is cooled by a 100 cfm fan built into a housing shroud, which also adds protection to the unit. An internal fan also cools the modified 5hp electric motor. This cooling combination provides superior operating temperature reduction resulting in an unrivaled 100% duty-cycle@ 200 psi.

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Oasis Compressor Adjustable Pressure Switch

Ensure the longevity of your Oasis XD-series compressor with the Oasis Adjustable Pressure Switch - the recommended pressure switch for XD3000 and XD4000 compressors. Designed as a core component, it comes preset to turn your compressor on at 110 PSI and off at 150 PSI.  This 12-volt adjustable air pressure switch also features an adjustable set screw, allowing you to fine-tune your compressor’s on and off pressure from 70-250 PSI in 30-40 PSI increments. With this level of customization, you can tailor your air pressure system to your exact specifications.

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Unlike gasoline-powered compressors, Oasis DC air compressors have become the choice of many governmental agencies, municipalities, and maintenance fleets for good reason.

  • The best/strongest 12v compressor on the market.
  • It can run a ½" impact off 8cfm @ 100psi.
  • No exhaust fumes: Oasis air compressors are powered by clean DC electrical energy so are non-polluting and no venting is required.
  • Low noise: the sound emitted by Oasis compressors is limited to the whirl of the DC electric motor and the subdued flutter of the compressor pistons and valves.
  • Very low maintenance: with Oasis, there are no gas-engines to maintain, no fuel filters to replace, no spark plugs to gap and no carburetor to adjust.

Oasis Air Compressor Owners Manual (PDF)

Oasis Compressor Technology

1. DIRECT PORT INTAKE DESIGN – Assures maximum intake air flow.
2. OIL CONTROL RINGS ON PISTONS – Significantly reduce oil discharge.
3. OIL RESERVOIR CHAMBER – Keeps oil level at optimum level during operation.
4. POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENT – Prevents pressure buildup in crankcase.
5. OIL SIGHT GLASS – Offers a quick visual check of crankcase lubrication.
6. MOTOR COOLING FAN – Reduces heat buildup, provides more run time.
7. CONTROL WIRE – Interface point for optional pressure switch and/or dash switch.
8. LOW VOLTAGE CUT-OFF – Smart technology protects motor from low voltage.
9. POWER SWITCH – with indicator light.
10. LOW VOLTAGE INDICATOR – Alerts when battery or system voltage is low.
11. SWEDISH STEEL VALVES – Provide high flow rate and high pressure capability.
12. AIR FILTER – High flow, long life filter with serviceable element.
14. YORK® COMPRESSOR – Modified, twin cylinder, 10 cubic inch industrial unit.
15. HD ROLLER BEARINGS – at both ends of crankshaft.
16. MOUNTING PLATE – Designed for easy bolt on installation.
17. HEAVY DUTY COUPLER – Provides a direct drive connection.
18. MOTOR – High performance industrial duty.
19. REMOVABLE BRUSH GUARDS – Allow easy service of motor brushes.
20. POWER CABLES – 10′ of #4 AWG cables.One Year Limited Warranty

Download the Oasis XD4000 Brochure


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