Motion Sensor Van Ceiling Lights

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Legend’s new Motion Sensor Ceiling Lights, when triggered by motion inside the chassis, will light up the van’s cargo or workspace bright enough to ensure comfort and safety even in the darkest locations. These lights come in sets of 2, 3, or 4, and can be slotted into easily drillable holes in any ceiling liner using the template provided.

  • Application: Interior
  • Color: White
  • Ships In: 1-3 days
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Motion sensors in the lights help conserve energy and ensure that the surrounding area is always well-lit when needed. Less energy consumption means that the lights are much less likely to leave the vehicle's battery dead like other van lights are apt to do.


    These lights turn on only where and when in the van you need them. While delivering goods for example, there’s no need to worry about having to open the side door to turn on the lights, which is where the factory light switch circuit is. Where you go, they turn on for you. This also reduces the draw of power on the vehicle, and avoids the battery going flat when the lights are left on.
    With the plug & play wiring with snap-together feed looms, these are the easiest vehicle lights to install. They seamlessly recess mount into Legend Ceiling Liners, and because they’re motion sensor activated and don’t need a switch, there’s no need for a electrician-specific installer. Anyone can install these lights! The installation instructions are also very clear and easy to understand.
    Each LED light is very powerful at 1800 lumens, much higher than most single lights. Their low-profile shape is designed to spread the light consistently and even further across the Ceiling Liner, creating an well-lit, enhanced cargo space like
    never before. Their sleek, modern design is aesthetically pleasing, resembling more of a home light than a bulky, industrial light, furthermore creating a comfortable, bright workplace.
    If you’ve come to know Legend at all, you know that we don’t compromise on quality. Unlike other lights that die out after awhile, these will last for years to come. These polycarbonate European-crafted lights are fully waterproof and built to withstand any knocks or scrapes.

Easy and safe to install with Plug-n-Play wiring. 3 times brighter than average van ceiling lights.


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