If there’s one thing that’s changed in business in the last two decades, it’s the speed of business.  Today, more than ever, your customers expect you to be able to come to them, assess the situation, and then get the job done.  The fact that they are willing to make decisions faster is great, but at the same time, their expectations are much higher than they used to be. 

If you deliver a quote they agree to, they want you on the job as soon as possible.

In the “good old days” you may have a sales team to deliver that quote and then, once it was approved, you would deploy a service team and vehicle to handle the work.  Now, with software and technology allowing for instant quotes, instant approvals, and nearly instant payment, that game has changed.

Your sales team IS your service team and you have to have them equipped to get to work right then.

That’s where having a truck or van on site right now can change everything.

Especially if you’ve upfitted that vehicle to handle any job in your business.

Expertec has been building trucks and vans for two decades that meet those needs and one of the keys to our clients’ success is this – making it easy to have all the tools and inventory ready to go.

In other words, the shelving you need in your commercial or cargo van that puts everything at your team’s fingertips.

Van shelving is nothing new, of course, but customizable cargo van shelving that maximizes storage and workspace?  That’s new!

Here’s what we’ve done to change the rules:  Using our expertise, we’ve been able to digitize every inch of the interior space in any commercial or cargo van unit being built, and from that “digital footprint”, we are able to install shelving and storage that perfectly fits the walls, the floors, and even the ceilings of those vehicles, giving you or your team loads of extra space to haul all the tools, parts, and specialized gear you’ll need to take care of your customer.

More importantly, when you install these van shelving units, you’ll be able to leave plenty of room for actually working in that work van.  Benches, desks, power inverters, air compressors, welders, even engine-driven components can all be installed professionally to maximize every inch of space in that commercial van.

We’ve all been there – you get to a remote jobsite and the one tool or part you need is an hour away because you never thought you’d need it – or – you didn’t realize it had been used on the last job. 

You guessed it – if you know what is supposed to be there since you can keep your van more organized, you lose far less time looking and a lot more time working.

And more time working equals more sales made and more money in your account.

At the same time, better organization with commercial van shelving from companies like Ranger Design means that you don’t have to have as much money tied up in inventory, either.  Easier to find means easier to track, so instead of having, for example, hundreds of one item, you can cut that number down and keep more money in your pocket to buy the stuff that your company really needs.  

There’s one more subtle aspect of using a well-outfitted cargo van with the proper storage and shelving units in place:  safety.

We’ve all driven those “old school” vans with hand-built wooden shelves that just have “stuff” sitting on them.  Applying the brakes in an emergency put all those tools and parts on the floor or drove them to the front of the van – under your feet or striking you in the head.  Can you imagine the catastrophe if a team member was in a roll-over accident?  The liability is enormous!

Shelving for cargo and commercial vans is one of the smartest ways to make your work vehicles work harder for you and your team; and at the same time, you keep them safe and organized.  Check out how Expertec is changing the way that your van can do its job, right here.