One of the most exciting moments in vehicle ownership is the day you drive it off the lot. The smell, the feel, the power – maybe even the fun of a few options like a premium radio or GPS system – they all contribute to a sense of pride in the decision you made to purchase the truck or van.

On the other hand, there’s also a sense of doubt – where will I put everything that I need to be able to successfully do the jobs that this vehicle was bought to do?

Sure, we’ve all seen the “homemade” storage in the back of pickups and in old cargo vans, but the overall usefulness of these? Aside from all the extra weight and lost space?


Besides, why would you want to depreciate the value of your new ride by slapping together a slipshod set of shelves and racks in a vehicle that is brand new? At the same time, if you just bought a new van or truck, chances are you are too busy with work to spend long hours measuring, cutting, fabricating, and installing shelves and storage for it – you need it to get to work and pay for itself!

The other side of the coin is fleet-based vehicles. Who has the time on staff to do a lot of custom fabrication on a company truck?

Expertec thought of that a long time ago and we set out to find a solution for the storage needs not of the everyday driver, but for tradesmen and businesses all around Western Canada that need custom storage solutions in their vans and trucks – but they need them quickly and with little downtime.

Our decision? Ranger Design. They offer more shelving and storage solutions than anyone else in the industry and for our customers, we use them for four important reasons:

  • Payload – Ranger Design threw out the old ways of designing shelving for vans and trucks and started with a clean sheet of paper. By utilizing intelligently designed units and stronger, lighter materials, Ranger’s products are custom-fit for a wide variety of vans and trucks and use less space with less weight. The result? You can take more of the things that make you money – supplies, inventory, tools, whatever it is going to take to get your job done.
  • Peace and Quiet – Since each unit is specially designed to work in the vehicle platform in which it is installed, our units mount more rigidly and eliminate the rattles, squeaks, and transfer noise that usually comes free with a cheaper shelving solution.
  • Speed – The real perk of using professional quality equipment and installation! Since every shelving unit is designed to fit a specific body or chassis, you don’t lose a second waiting on custom fabrication. The shelving you need to get your vehicle in perfect shape for the job at hand is ready when you are and the complete upfitting to the storage you need is a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Tough – Let’s face it, work is tough. The trades and skilled labor field demand equipment that is far more robust than the weekend warrior and Ranger shelving can deliver that.

Ranger Design - Commercial Vehicle Shelving and Storage

Expertec and Ranger have spent years testing materials and designs so you know that once these high-quality units are working for you, they will stay on the job.

The truth of the matter is that a work truck or work van hauls stuff and needs a great storage system built into it. When you have the ability to configure that into the exact pieces that your business demands, you not only make your job easier, you save loads of time. In our years of working with Ranger Design, we’ve found they offer so many ways to configure our clients’ vehicles into the exact work and storage space they need that custom fabrication – and the time that it takes – is not nearly as necessary as it once was. With Ranger Design, quality and functionality match perfectly.