No matter how far we collectively come as a society, there will always be those who think “the good old days” are far superior.  While they might be right for a lot of reasons, as we look around today, the truth is, the average skilled man or woman in the trades can be far more efficient today than ever before.

Think about how the technology most of us carry in a pocket allows us all to move faster and – if we let it – make more money as skilled workers…

  • GPS to dPutting The Work Back In The Work Vanirect us to the next job.
  • Software to instantly send invoices and receive payments.
  • Nearly infinite ways to connect, allowing us to ask questions, document problems, and get answers instantly without losing hours or days waiting on decisions or information.
  • Programs that track inventory to ensure the tools and supplies you need are exactly where you need them.
  • Shipping options that can put even the strangest tool or item in your hands in hours instead of weeks.

Why, then, are so many companies and skilled workers still trying to work in this brave new world using the same work van set up that was common in their fathers’ or grandfathers’ day?

Storage tubs, rolling job boxes, and primitive shelves knocked together from leftover lumber might be fine for a young contractor just starting out, but in order to compete today at the highest levels, those who are skilled in the trades and the people who manage fleets know the trucks and vans their people need MUST offer more.

And that means the humble work van has to be able to handle any challenge that arises on the jobsite.

Carrying every tool needed.

Carrying every part needed.

Putting The Work Back In The Work VanHaving the ability to run or charge any piece of technology needed in your business.

Creating and managing enough room to actually work in that work van.

That’s the power of reimagining the work van for today – allowing it to work the way we’ve evolved to work – and the way the job has evolved, too.

At Expertec, we’ve actively engaged in how technology and equipment has changed the expectations of what a work van actually is, and we’ve got the largest database of upfitting options available to you to do the work you have to get done.

Whether it’s a simple shelving unit that maximizes the cargo and work space in a van interior or a complete build of a field unit, like the one we recently completed in our Calgary location, there’s no reason you should ever “settle” for a van that is good enough.

“Good enough” keeps you and your team average – average pay, average jobs, average life.

Average customers

Who wants that?  You and your business can never be leaders in your industry if you always settle for average and refuse to embrace the changes that have impacted the trades in the last two decades.

To prove it, let’s do a little exercise – how much time is lost – wasted, really – simply trying to find something in your van.

How much more is lost or wasted running back to the shop or to the store to find or buy that lost part or tool?  Now imagine you actually had enough space and organization to ensure those parts, pieces, and tools are in the van and nobody has to go digging around for twenty minutes to look for them?

The truth is, all this wasted time is really wasted money, and while you might be able to bill for some of it, you’re stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

Another “billable hour” on a job isn’t profitable … another job is.

That’s what you get when you partner with Expertec to design a work van that works with you, not against you.  Our team of experts can take your ideas and your challenges and turn them into a running, driving work van that ticks all your boxes and gives you and your team exactly what you need to get more work done, more efficiently.

In addition to the simple fact a professionally upfitted work van can make you and your team more efficient, think about what goes on in your customers’ minds when they see you’ve had a professionally designed van upfitted to your specifications…

You got it – it makes them recognize that you, too, are a professional.

You already know they look at your tools when you bring them on the site; they look at your uniform, what makes you think they don’t look to see what you’re driving and how the interior looks?

Make this the year you ensure your work vans are efficiently working for you by upfitting them to support your business and team perfectly.  Call our team at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to learn more.

Putting The Work Back In The Work VanPutting The Work Back In The Work Van