Ladder Racks

Combining modern designs and materials for safety and durability.

Ladder Racks

Combining modern designs and materials for safety and durability.

Ladder Racks

Combining modern designs and materials for safety and durability.

Van Ladder & Cargo Racks

Combining modern designs and materials for safety and durability

At Expertec, we’ve been around long enough to know when a product is the best in the business, and our ladder and storage racks for trucks and vans are just that. By reimagining how a rack should work, these ladder racks make storing, transporting, and accessing your ladder or gear a two-finger job. Using hydraulics, rollers, and a sleek aerodynamic design, Expertec’s featured ladder racks are safer, more secure, and longer lasting, which helps you and your crew get the job done. We carefully source only the best products in the world for our clients, from companies like Prime Designs, Weather Guard and Ranger Design.

Ranger Design Cargo+ Rack

Designed to be an all-purpose rack with its full-width rear roller that helps loading and unloading, the Cargo+, made from anodized aluminum, is lightweight and corrosion free. Its aluminum & stainless-steel components ensure there will be no corrosion over time. The standard rear roller makes the loading and unloading of small and large objects quick and easy without risk of back injuries. The Cargo+ Van Rack’s sleek aerodynamic design ensures less wind resistance and lower wind noise for low roof vans.

Tough, Quiet and Easy to Use!

  • Military grade aluminum & stainless steel components
  • No corrosion over the lifetime of the rack
  • Aerodynamic crossbars reduce wind noise
  • Cargo+ has a full width stainless steel roller to make loading and unloading easy
  • Fits most Transit, ProMaster & Mercedes cargo vans

Ranger Design Clamp Ladder Rack

In a perfect world, we’d all have the same ladder, and any ladder rack on the market would fit perfectly. Anyone who’s ever tried to load a ladder on a rack knows that’s not the case, every time. The Clamp Ladder Van Rack features a unique clamp and wedge design that positively locks in any ladder – from extension to step – securely!

What makes the Clamp Ladder Rack even better is the ease in which it can be mounted on virtually any work or cargo van. The advanced “wedge” design allows proper spacing with the roofline to keep ladders parallel to the roof and the modular design means you and your team will always be able to properly secure any ladder for transport. Of course, the materials used in the Clamp Ladder Rack are the same high quality and lightweight aluminum you’d expect from Ranger Design, and you can choose from one- and two-ladder racks for your van.

Clamp Ladder Racks - Ranger Design
Clamp Ladder Racks - Ranger Design

Ranger Design Max Rack

Let’s face it, everybody loves high-roof cargo vans and work vans like the Ford Transit, the Promaster, the Sprinter and the NV series, but getting a ladder safely secured on top of them can be a challenge. With the Max Rack 2.0 from Ranger Design, there’s never been an easier way to load and unload a ladder from a van roof.

The revolutionary design uses a pivoting lever design to safely and easily load and unload ladders, along with hydraulic dampeners to prevent the rack from slipping while being operated. In one smooth, fluid motion, the ladder can be loaded or unloaded. The Max Rack can be configured for a left or right-hand operation, so your team never needs to worry about offloading on a busy street or on a cramped jobsite. The Max Rack 2.0 is built rock-solid, too, utilizing aluminum and stainless steel to be impervious to the elements and still easily installed.

Ranger Design Max Ladder Rack
Ranger Design Max Ladder Rack

Ranger Design Rear Loading Access Stow

No one can deny the popularity and usefulness of high cube work vans today like the Transit, ProMaster, and Sprinter, but the higher rooflines can make loading and unloading a ladder far more of a challenge.  With the Access Stow Racks from Ranger Design, there’s never any problem no matter how high that roof is!

The Access Stow Racks are designed to fit a variety of high roof vans, and these aluminum units not only install easily, they feature heavy-duty polyester straps and military-grade latches to keep ladders secure and make loading and unloading ladders worry-free.  These sturdy racks can be had in multiple configurations and can also work in conjunction with other racks to double the efficiency.

Access Stow Racks - Van Ladder Racks - Ranger Design
Access Stow Racks - Van Ladder Racks - Ranger Design
Access Stow Racks - Van Ladder Racks - Ranger Design

Prime Design Ergorack

The ErgoRack is, hands down, the safest and fastest way to store and secure a ladder on your truck, van, or service-bodied vehicle. Using advanced designs and hydraulic cylinders, the ErgoRack makes retrieving or storing a ladder on your work vehicle a “two-finger” operation. No more climbing on tires, perching on bumpers, and struggling to get ladders off your vehicle on tip-toe. With today’s trucks and vans sitting higher than ever before, the ErgoRack isn’t just a neat idea, it’s the perfect drop down ladder rack for the job.
ErgoRack Double Side Drop Down Ladder Rack – Ford Transit 2015-Present (Low, Medium & High Roof)
ErgoRack Single Side Drop Down Ladder Rack - RAM Promaster 2014-Present (Medium & High Roof)
Ram Promaster ErgoRack Double Drop Down Ladder Rack 1
ErgoRack Double Side Drop Down Ladder Rack - Chevy Express & GMC Savana
ErgoRack Single Side Drop Down Ladder Rack - Mercedes Sprinter 2007-Present

Prime Design Alurack

When the AluRack was designed, it was the first rack of its kind to feature rollers to make loading and unloading easier than ever before. Imitators have tried to flood the market, but the original is still the best and when the AluRack is combined with the many options we can offer, you’ll have one of the lightest, strongest, and best-looking ways to stow materials and ladders out of the way for easy transport and loading. Our aerodynamic design saves you money at the pump, too, by utilizing lightweight anodized aluminum that looks great and easily withstands harsh weather.

Weather Guard

Weather Guard is one of the oldest names in truck accessories, dating back to 1960. In that time, you can bet they’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and that is reflected in the ladder racks they build. The beauty of a Weather Guard ladder rack is they offer all the options you can use – choices of material, how it is mounted on a vehicle, and a full range of offerings for any truck. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons we like Weather Guard racks so much – they make it easy to find the right one and build them tough, so chances are, they’ll outlast your truck.

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