Tommy Gate Liftgates

The Original Hydraulic Power Lift

Tommy Gate Liftgates

The Original Hydraulic Power Lift

Tommy Gate Liftgates

The industry standard in power liftgates for any application

When Delbert Brown of the Woodbine Manufacturing Company in Iowa developed the first Tommy Gate liftgate back in 1965, no one thought that it would become the world standard by which all other hydraulic lifts would be judged. Now, more than half a century later, the Tommy Gate stands for the most dependable, longest-lasting liftgates in the world and are sold on five continents and used on all of them.

The commitment to quality after all these years is still there, and though Tommy Gates continue to be hand-built, the use of stronger and lighter materials and cutting-edge electrical components means that no matter what you need a power tailgate for, Expertec has a solution for you.


The G2 design came about due to the direct need for a slightly smaller drive system that could still offer parallel arm technology in a fully enclosed hydraulic system. Just as importantly, as vehicle design changed and more and more hitches were being mounted higher into vehicle frame rails, the need to design a successful liftgate to allow Tommy Gate owners to still be able to tow became critical. Enter the G2. As robust as the original, but built for vehicles that needed to provide unhindered access to beds and cargo areas by flush mounting the frame and still leaving room for towing.

Tommy Gate Liftgate G2 Series
Tommy Gate Liftgate G2 Series


Anyone who has ever run a delivery route knows that hydraulic gates can be fussy in bad weather and if you are operating it continuously for long periods of time – as in loading or unloading with no dock, the system can slow down due to that heat. That’s why Expertec recommends the Tommy Gate Railgate series. Available in a range of styles to fit the needs of box trucks, the Railgate Series can be customized for high-cycle users, docking applications, and even with a folding platform to make the most of any situation.

The Railgate uses high-quality captured steel rollers to reduce drag and keep fluid temperatures down while using many of the same tried and true industry leading innovations that Tommy Gate has pioneered over the years – still hand built and inspected by craftsman who are expert machinists, welders, and designers.


Tommy Gate’s Tuckunder Series Liftgates are the perfect solution for businesses looking to optimize their cargo handling capabilities. These liftgates are designed with the highest quality materials and innovative technology to provide reliable and efficient operation for a wide range of applications. And with a compact design that fits tightly against the underside of the vehicle, these liftgates don’t take up valuable cargo space.

Another great feature of the Tuckunder Series Liftgates is their ease of use. They are designed with intuitive controls and easy-to-understand operating instructions, making them simple to operate even for those who are new to using liftgates. Additionally, these liftgates feature a variety of safety features, including automatic safety legs, non-skid platforms, and hydraulic lockouts, ensuring the safety of the operator and the cargo being loaded and unloaded.

The Tuckunder Series Liftgates are also built to last. They are made with high-quality materials, including corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel, and feature durable hydraulic cylinders and hoses. This ensures that the liftgate will operate smoothly and efficiently, even under heavy use.


Without a doubt, the 650 Series is the perfect lift for light-duty use when “light duty” is still heavy. What makes it so perfect is that the entire unit is self-contained within the cargo area of the van and takes up comparatively little space, but can still be deployed to move up to 650 pounds easily and safely. As a result of the unit being so powerful and yet so small, this is the perfect solution for tradesmen who don’t always need a lift and while it takes up little more space than a dolly, the 650 Series can make all the difference in how you can use your van. The 650 is available for many applications, including the Sprinter, the Promaster, the Transit series, all Chevrolet van platforms, and many others.


While space may be at a premium in any cargo van, the Tommy Gate V2 Series internal van liftgate gives you maximum load capacity and a tiny footprint.  Capable of handling up to 1100 pounds on either one of its two available loading ramps, the V-2 Series is available for nearly any of today’s cargo vans.  The V-2 Series offers true hands-free remote operation and when deployed, allows complete access to the back of the van – no pumps or frames intruding into the cargo space, giving you the room you need to get the job done.  Tommy Gate has also made the V-2 Series one of the most user-friendly liftgates ever by making sure that the retention ramps and bridge mounts can all be accessed by foot or by hand and help to secure carts and dollys and allow a smooth transition from the lift platform to the bed or the ground. 

The V-2 Series is a revolutionary way to add hydraulic power to your cargo van and not lose vital space.


As experts in upfitting cargo vans into custom-built work vehicles for fleets and the trades, Expertec knows that a well-designed and executed van can often work circles around a pickup truck in terms of efficiency. With the addition of a Tommy Gate Cantilever Series liftgate, though, you can raise a lot more than the bar!

Since the unit bolts on, no exterior modifications are needed to install it and the majority of the Cantilever Series is self-contained under the van. Just as importantly, the ramp folds in half and stores in front of the left door, providing easy access to the cargo area of your van – no need to wait to get to your equipment, but easy to deploy when you have to load up.

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