Slip-In Truck Service Bodies

Slip-in Service Bodies

Aluminum Slide-in Truck Bodies

Expertec’s custom designed slip-in service bodies offer incredible value, plenty of storage, and a level of durability never seen in the industry before.  Designed and proven over a dozen years, Expertec’s aluminum service bodies are built right here in Canada and offer plenty of internal customization options for the toughest environments and challenges.

A Revolution in Slip-In Units

  Slip In Service Body Units
Slip In Service Body Units
Slip In Service Body Units

Seasoned contractors and fleet managers know the pickup is the king of the jobsite, but unless that truck is outfitted perfectly, the job just can’t be done as easily or efficiently as it should be. That’s why, at Expertec, we decided to design and build our own.  Our slip in service bodies are designed and built right here in Canada and are packed with features that could only be identified by real-world users.  Critical things, like:

  • All aluminum construction, powdercoated for durability
  • A unique design that allows these truck bodies to work from a variety of models, so when these units outlast one truck, they can be easily moved to the next one in the fleet
  • Multiple door and storage options that guarantee a custom fit for YOUR needs
  • Loads of custom touches are available, from lighting to electric locks, to ensure these slip in service bodies do the job you need them to do.
  • An industry-leading 5 year warranty!

One other nice thing about these great service bodies is they utilize the original tailgate, so OEM backup cameras stay in place for added safety and resale value.

Slip In Service Body Units
Slip In Service Body Units

Slip In Service Body Units
Slip In Service Body Units

Slip-In Service Body Specifications


  • Long: 94.625″
  • Short: 78.625″



  • 47.5″



  • Long: 800 lbs
  • Short: 700 lbs


Body Width

  • 79.75″


Compt. Depth

  • 13.75″


Floor Width

  • 49.75″


Storage Capacity

  • Long: 147 Cu.ft
  • Short: 117 Cu.ft


Cargo Area

  • Long: 32.5 Sq.ft
  • Short: 26.6 Sq.ft


Aluminum Construction

Our slip-in bodies are manufactured from 5052 high strength aluminum.

White or Black Powdered Coated Body

Powder coated using 138 Series Powder from Tiger Drylac.

Drawers and Shelves

Equip your slip-in service body with drawers and shelves.

Power Locks

Our slip-in bodies are available with power locks using your factory key fob.

Lighting Solutions

Available with complete lighting packages for the interior and exterior.

Slip-in Service Body Lighting
Slip-in Service Body Lighting

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