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Par-Kan Easy Dump

At Expertec, we know how hard it is to get bigger trucks into smaller spaces for refuse pickup. We’ve teamed up with Par-Kan for the Easy Dump satellite dump bed to solve this challenge. The Easy Dump mounts on nearly any full size truck and makes it easy for your company to get a truck down narrow streets, into gated communities, or restricted areas for trash pickup, yard waste, or jobsite cleanup.

It is the perfect solution for municipalities and businesses that handle any kind of refuse pickup – especially in tight spaces or when time and budget are a concern. When you factor in how the Easy Dump can be easily removed and installed in a standard truck bed, you can see how simple it is to handle these types of services without spending a fortune on a bigger truck that is less useful.

Satellite Dumper Truck Insert

Expertec and Par-Kan give you loads of options for the Easy Dump satellite dumper.   We offer bed capacities ranging from 3 yards to a massive 8 cubic yards and 3,000 pounds, so no matter what type of refuse you need to pick up, your team can make sure every run counts.   Choose from several tarp and cover options, two different lifter styles, and even custom paint to match your company, organization, or department.  There are no worries about durability with the tubular frame and steel bed and the Easy Dump comes with a one year warranty, too.

The Easy Dump is also perfect for hot shots, missed stops, and special runs and because it mounts in the bed of a full size truck, the Easy Dump gives you the results you need without needing a bigger truck.  Due to its intelligent design, the Easy Dump also makes a perfect delivery platform for trash containers and saves your business money in fuel, too. 

The Easy Dump from Par Kan and Expertec gives you a wide range of customization for one of the most practical tools that local governments, trash pickup companies, and community managers could ever use!

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