Air and Coolant Heaters

Reduce idle time on the jobsite and warm-up time in the driveway

Air and Coolant Heaters

Reduce idle time on the jobsite and warm-up time in the driveway

Air and Coolant Heaters

Reduce idle time on the jobsite and warm-up time in the driveway

Air and Coolant Heaters

Reduce idle time on the jobsite and warm-up time in the driveway

Auxiliary Air and Coolant Heaters

Expertec knows that the Artic is just over the next fence, but after a generation of upfitting and outfitting trucks and vans for work, we’ve learned plenty about keeping your toes warm and your fuel costs down. Having the right auxiliary heater in your vehicle can do both AND potentially reduce engine wear due to long warm up times as well as help your batteries to last longer.

How? Simple – as with everything we do, we source the best companies in the world to help us make life better for the tradesmen and drivers who run fleets built by Expertec. Our choice for add-on heaters is simple – Espar or Red Dot. These two world-class companies provide a variety of heating solutions for all the trucks, vans, and trades that Expertec serves in Western Canada.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All in Auxiliary Air and Coolant Heaters

We classify our heaters into one of four categories and we offer multiple units that can serve in these areas:

Cargo Vans

When it comes to cargo vans, we all know the cargo can get entirely too cold here in the Canadian winter. Specialty units like the Airtronic D4 and the D5LC allow you to regulate temperatures for cargo and keep it well over freezing, even when the mercury drops. These air heaters don’t rely on engine heat to warm the air, so the heating cycle can act independently of an idling engine, reducing fuel costs, preventing thefts, and saving hours of wear and tear while your vehicle sits idling on the jobsite. Even more importantly, the low amperage draw on the electrical system keeps batteries charged even when the heater has been cycling.

Construction, Trades & Industrial

These heaters are meant to work and be as flexible as you need them to be. Expertec can install both air and coolant heater units depending on your exact need, but the end result is faster startup after the vehicle has sat for a long period of time and better – and warmer – heat in your interior. In some cases, these units are powered completely independent of the vehicle while in others, they can be installed to run in conjunction. Our main focus? Making sure that these systems fit your needs. How? We can wire into nearly any system from 12 to 24 volts and use any fuel source. If you need it, Expertec can design it.

Public Service

Everyone knows how tough serving the public can be – long idle times, call-outs in the worst possible conditions, and many times, life-or-death situations. In those instances, only the highest-quality equipment will do the job. Expertec’s auxiliary heaters for pickup trucks, on highway trucks, off-road equipment or smaller nonmobile equipment save fuel, increase productivity and reduce emissions. These units are bio-diesel compatible and come in 12 and 24 volt models and both air and coolant heaters are available. Even better? Expertec can design in a full suite of programmable options for these units, giving you full control without even having the engine running. When you crew gets to work, each vehicle can be already warmed up and ready to hit the road.

Oilfield and the Fuel Industry

The fossil fuel industry is among the most demanding when it comes to environment and equipment. The range of heaters that Expertec can provide to the fossil fuels industry runs the spectrum, providing a more comfortable work environment when Mother Nature is at her worst. More importantly, every one of the units that Expertec sells and installs meets all the environmental standards and regulations in the industry.

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