For over a decade of upfitting trucks and vans, there’s a lot of common threads we’ve observed about both our industry and the companies and tradesmen we serve.   Some of those are good, and some … well, let’s just say, they aren’t so good. 

One of the biggest misconceptions is one we strive to overcome with prospective clients on a daily basis:

Upfitting a truck or van for your fleet or company doesn’t have to be “hard.”

In fact, after all these years, Expertec has developed a system that makes outfitting your next work truck or upfitting a van as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Plug and PlayStep One – Decide on the platform you’re going to use.  Maybe it’s a Sprinter, maybe it’s a diesel dually, but no matter what the truck or van is, identifying it is where everything begins.  Right now, of course, with new vehicle production severely handicapped due to COVID, there is a lot of agonizing over sourcing new trucks and vans or paying a premium for a used model. 

You might be surprised to learn (a LOT of folks are) that our team has been really successful in finding trucks and vans for our customers this year.  The truth is, our Rolodex of dealers is awfully large, and while many contractors are having troubles finding trucks and vans, we’ve quietly been able to put a lot of buyers and sellers together to get a great deal on the truck or van they need. 

Step Two – Decide on the necessary upgrades to the new truck or van.  In some ways, this step might even be the first step, depending on how your business operates.  At any rate, this is the time to begin working with the Expertec team to review how you’ll use the truck or van, and to determine what upgrades your work requires.  Honestly, many times, while discussing a prospective “build” for a truck or van the client still hasn’t purchased, those same clients realize that they’re better off with a different vehicle. 

We’ve converted a lot of “truck” guys to “van” guys over the years, and vice versa!  Nevertheless, by opening up this conversation before making a purchase, you’ll not only have a clear understanding of your upgrade budget, you’ll also have more confidence knowing you’ve created a great plan for your new vehicle. 

Plug and PlayStep Three – Put it to work!  Here’s the part a lot of people struggle with if they are trying to go through this entire process by themselves.  Simply put, when you partner with Expertec, we endeavor to assist at every step of the way. 

In the “real” world, you and your team’s time is valuable!  With our team in your corner, not only can we bring incredible value in the planning phase of the upfitting job, but your “new” truck or van can literally be ready from Day One. 

Seriously, you could pick it up from the dealer completely ready to work.  No downtime, no delays; simply sign and drive.  We do it all the time, and we can facilitate enacting your entire upfit in a matter of days – not weeks.  We’ll bring in all the materials the job needs ahead of time, have the shop time scheduled for the upgrades you’ve decided on, and take care of while you’re handling the purchasing paperwork. 

Plug and PlayThe results are simple to understand:  your new truck or van is ready to go, when you are. 

Here’s the challenge, though:  we can’t help you until you ask.  We can’t help plan your next upgraded truck or van until you begin to process your own needs and the type of upfitting you think you need. 

So no matter what “step” you’re on in this journey, reach out to our team here or on the phone at 1-888-435-6466 to talk through what your expectation are for a new truck or van.  There’s no reason to be frustrated by low inventory at the dealerships or worried about making sure your upfitted truck or van is going to do the work you need it to do.  Partnering with us is a sure-fire way to get the most out of your fleet.