For the last few years, we’ve been in a perfect storm when it comes to vehicles.  In the early days of the pandemic, inventories were high and, of course, no one was doing much of anything – certainly, essential workers and industries continued to operate in some capacity, but manufacturers largely shut down. 

As businesses reopened and tried to restaff, inventory naturally went down and the shortages of steel, employees, and semiconductor chips led to an all-time low inventory where new trucks and vans were sold at a premium and even used inventories carried nearly-new price tags. 

Now What?Flash forward a few more months, and now, we are starting to see some inventory become available BUT interest rates have gone through to a nearly two-decade high. 

All this has forced many fleet operators and contractors to push older units far past when they would normally have retired older models, and the current high prices for fuel aren’t helping, either. 

The truth is, right now – and for the next six to twelve months, everything is going to cost more. 

Unfortunately, the costs of doing business often require us to spend more than we’d like because a truck simply won’t make it through another inspection, or the costs to keep it on the road simply outweigh the usefulness. 

There’s one last challenge that many of our clients face, and that’s a simple seasonal downturn.  Stop us if you’ve heard this one, “We’re really not moving forward with anything until quarter one.” 

In other words, cashflow, for many of our impacted clients and industries, is often low this time of year. 

There is a bright spot in all this, and even though that bright spot costs money, it’s honestly surprising how few folks know that, when you upfit a new rig, you don’t always have to come out of pocket for it. 

Believe it or not, we have financing options for your upfitting job.  Actually, there’s two paths we can provide to our clients, depending on what, exactly, they’re doing. 

Now What?The first?  Simple – You or your company have purchased a new truck or van and needs it upfitted.  We do this all the time, and it’s incredibly easy.  Your dealer brings it in, we handle the upfit, and it’s ready when you sign the paperwork. 

You new truck or van AND the upfitting work that’s going to make it perfect for the job are all financed in one payment.  Not only does it make things incredibly easy, it also gives you (or the company) one simple payment to make and your tax professional will love you for it.  Simply put?  It makes things very easy to document. 

The second financing path we offer is, frankly, even better. 

Let’s say you’ve found a sweet deal on a late model unit and could grab it for a simple cash payment.  Many times, that means you’d either have to put the upfitting costs on sky-high credit cards, your company line of credit, or pay cash for the work. 

Now What?Not now!  We actually have a financing option for you, where the upfitting work can be financed out, much like the monthly payment you’d make if you bought the truck from a dealer.  Again, we’re not accountants, but this HAS to make things easier AND it keeps more cash in your pocket for operational expenses, especially this time of year when you can’t afford to not be lining up new business – even if they’re all going to start after January 1st

Here’s the even better part:  there’s no sales pitch, you can apply online through our dedicated portal right here.  What you’ll find, as you take a look, is a LOT of options – even seasonal and quarterly payment options – that can make all the difference in how you set yourself and your business up for success in 2023. 

Look, it’s been a tough few years, but we’re still here.  There’s no excuse to not keep moving forward, growing, and maximizing the value of your business. 

Upfit Financing Made Easy