Over the last few articles, we’ve spent time discussing the many benefits of flat beds (or flat decks) for trucks, and one of the most common responses we’ve heard from people has been, “But there’s no place to put stuff like in a regular truck box!”

Of course there is!

See, as experts in the upfitting world, Expertec has access to producers and designers whose only job is to make trucks better.  Let’s take a look at some of the incredibly “cool” gear that can be used to maximize your flat bed.

Bedrock Deck with Tommy Gate and Buyers Boxes Upfit at Expertec Abbotsford

Bedrock Deck with Buyers Boxes and Tommy Gate installed at our Abbotsford location.

Toolboxes – Let’s face it, toolboxes are the perfect accessory for any truck, and even though we sell several different types, flat decks have so many different ways to mount toolboxes.  Right now, we’re seeing a lot of interest in “under bed” mounted toolboxes, allowing easy access to everything you need without having to stand on your tiptoes.   Still, some flat bed owners like the traditional “top” mounted boxes, or even a mobile box on castors that can be loaded and unloaded.  If you can dream it, we can install it.

Headache Racks (Cab Shields or Cab Guards) – Since we’re talking about what’s in the bed, the first consideration with a flatbed has to be how is the driver and cab protected in the event of a load shift?  Simple – the so-called “head-ache rack”!  Here’s the deal, though.  In many instances, they aren’t just a good idea, they are also the law.  Depending on where your truck does business, you may find laws governing these either in “standard” transportation enforcement (Such as British Columbia) or the provincial ministries of labor.  Occupational health and safety legislation demands some sort of worker protection from shifting cargo, and since those protections are often undefined, if your employees are in the vehicle, you have to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to protect them.

It’s critical to know how and what standards might be used against you and our suggestion is to be very serious about how you couple a cab shield with a flat deck.  Many factory-made units come with these already engineered into them, but if you went the “home made” route, it’s wise to check the laws in your Province.

Bed Stakes or Sides – the most common complaint anyone has with flatbeds is the lack of sides on the bed.

That’s why it’s called a FLATBED!

Seriously, though, this can impact the types of cargo you carry, and if you know you’ll haul loose materials, then ensuring you have a provision to install sides on the bed can give you the best of both worlds – a flatbed for the big stuff and a box for the loose stuff.  These can be as elaborate or simple as needed, although at Expertec, we can furnish the sides with nearly any one of the flat decks we offer and with the strength you need – just trying to keep small branches from landscaping in the box?  No problem!  Carrying a cubic yard of crush?  Still no problem!

The nice part about using a flatbed with knockdown sides for this type of hauling is you can unload from three sides, depending on parking, access, and your specific needs.

Lighting – Nearly anyone can wire up accessory lighting for a vehicle, but while traditional truck beds have lots of “nooks and crannies” to tuck lights away, that’s not so easily done on a flat deck.  What we’ve found at Expertec is the simplicity of the flatbed actually offer better opportunities to get the light you need where you need it.  Under the bed?  Auxiliary reverse lighting, LED lights for toolboxes, and emergency lighting for the entire bed are all available and incredibly useful – no harsh shadows in the bed since the lights can be custom mounted where they’ll throw the best beam for the job.

Lighting Options for Flat Beds

Getting a flat deck perfectly outfitted for work or business can be a lot more involved than welding up some channel or knocking together some lumber, but when you take the time to speak to our team, you’ll see how easy it is to get it done right.