If there’s one thing that technology has NOT made easier, it’s the simple act of having a safe and sanitary place to simply wash your hands.  In a perfect world, of course, most, if not all of your team will have access to clean water and soap, but there are still many rugged places where work takes you and your crew, so how do you accomplish the simple act of washing your hands?

Better yet, in today’s world, as we continue to worry and learn about COVID 19, how can you ensure proper sanitation, even when you don’t have potable water?

Over the years, of course, we’ve seen any number of ways tried – and admittedly, a lot of them worked well enough.

Anyone who has ever worked at a remote job site or even in some inner city sites that were being demolished knows there are some decent ways to stay marginally clean – baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and so-called “waterless” hand cleaners, but none of them can ever replace soap, water, and a good, thick paper towel.

Up until now, that’s been a real challenge.  Many of our customers have created “kits” to keep water, soap, and paper towels on hand on the job site, and just as many have a giant bottle of hand sanitizer in the truck at all times.

But you know how it happens:  The new guy forgets to fill up the water jug.  Or he leaves it outside to freeze overnight.  Or he leaves it in the shop the next morning.  The soap disappears, the paper towels end up being used to clean up a piece of equipment.  Sooner – never later – that well-organized kit is empty and broken.

Shoulder Sink Mobile Hand Washing StationExpertec has the answer – the Shoulder Sink.  Everything you need to wash, rinse, sanitize, and dry your hands – and your crews’ hands – in one place, in one easy-to-manage and maintain kit that can be portable or fixed in

The best part is it takes up so little space, it simply becomes a part of the truck or van.  Managing it is as simple as the checklist your team goes through when they check out or return a vehicle to the garage.

This is far bigger than making sure your team has clean hands, it’s also about being responsible in the age of the corona virus.  Well over 90% of transmissions are through interpersonal contact, and while you can’t easily change ingrained social behaviors like shaking hands, you can give your people every opportunity to stop the spread of not only COVID, but also the flu, plenty of bacteriological toxins, and a who’s-who of bad germs that can infect anyone.

Shoulder Sink Mobile Hand Washing Station 9The Shoulder Sink makes sense from simply that one point alone, but think about it as a business owner, too.

Fewer germs means fewer sick days.

More completed jobs.

Less time on site – and fewer days on site.

In the end, giving your team an extra tool that makes it easy to wash and sanitize their hands helps to keep your business more efficient.  As easy as it is to deploy the Shoulder Sink, there’s no excuse to not place one into each vehicle in your fleet and – for that matter – at any jobsites that might give you pause when it comes to the safety and sanitation for your team.

Reach out to our team to find out how the Shoulder Sink can assist your team.  It’s cost effective, super simple, and easy to keep stocked in every vehicle.  For more information on the Shoulder Sink, feel free to click here or simply call our team of experts to learn more.  No matter what, our commitment to you is to keep your team safe.

Shoulder Sink - Mobile Hand Washing Station