Over the last few months, we’ve seen more and more news reporting how communications companies, internet providers, and municipalities are making the investment into fiber optic cabling as the next step in connectivity. 

While almost any user would welcome this investment, the simple fact is that for any company looking to lay fiber today, the capital investment in terms of both the infrastructure necessary and the tools to successfully install fiber are substantial.  Expertec has been involved in these conversations with communications companies for several years now, producing a specially designed Fiber Optic Truck Body Package to provide a spotless environment for splicing and installing fiber optic lines. 

Looking Forward to FiberNow, even though most all of us are online these days, fiber is still a bit of a mystery, and even though many communications companies have been building and installing fiber for years for their primary transmission lines, the news today is about getting fiber right up to your doorstep.  In the industry, this is called “the last mile” and it’s where the cutting edge – fiber optic cabling – meets old school – usually coaxial cable.  The result is far slower speeds to download and upload, because despite how fast any given signal can get close to your home or office, it can only go so fast over copper. 

Inherently, then, the act of upgrading fiber on your street or in your neighborhood takes place right there, and that’s the real challenge. 

Fiber doesn’t like dirt or dust and even the smallest spec can throw a real wrench in any install.  Fiber technicians not only need a clean workspace, they also need plenty of light to ensure connections are clean and tight. 

Which, of course, is the exact reason we designed our own truck body to create such a clean space.  Until recently, nearly all fiber optic installation trucks had to be built as specialized one-off units, but Expertec went right to the men and women who are installing fiber all over the country and asked them what really mattered to them in terms of creating a space to get the job done. 

The results were more than interesting, they were extremely intuitive.  Surprisingly, the biggest need we heard was bright, clean light to allow for making the nearly microscopic connections.  Second was an easily cleaned, easily organized work station that would make splicing the cables easier.

Looking Forward To FiberDone!  Of course, we couldn’t stop there, because fiber splicing has many facets.  Specialized tools, equipment, and supplies that need to be stored properly all require their own storage space, as well as a provision for electricity – either via a built-in generator or power inverter.  To deal with the wildly varied climate we see here in Canada, we’ve even engineered HVAC into the Fiber Optic Truck Body Package, if a user needs it. 

As we were designing this package, we took one important component into account – the job of placing fiber into homes and offices all over western Canada is a long-term job, and one that will take place over years.  As a result of using a removeable, fully enclosed service body as the basis of our design, we can give our own clients the ability to move this truck body between trucks, depending on the job.  The end result is an enclosed unit that has a far longer lifespan than many of the tucks it might be mounted on – we know that a fiberglass service body can last far longer than a steel truck in the harsh winter environments and road salt.

Fiber is going to change the way many Canadians view communications and while it will take some time to bring it to everyone, Expertec is committed to providing solutions to our communications customers who are doing the real work, house by house and building by building.  If you have any questions about our own Fiber Optic Truck Body Package, feel free to reach out to our team to learn more right here or at 1-888-435-6466.