One of the key factors in any upfitting job, be it a truck, a van, or an entire fleet of vehicles, is how seamlessly all the components flow together.  At Expertec, we learned a long time ago that any installation worth doing is not only worth doing right, it’s also worth adding all the finishing touches to.

Think about the toolbox in your garage.  You can buy it, toss in some wrenches, a few screwdrivers, and a hammer or two and yes, you have assembled a collection of tools, but what you can actually do with those tools is limited.

Have you got a socket set?  Some wobbly socket extensions?  Feeler gauges?  How about a neat way to organize it all?  We all know that once the kids or the apprentices get their hands on your 10mm socket, it’s going to disappear, but having all your quarter-drive sockets organized makes it easy to see at-a-glance when something is missing … or where to find it. 

It’s the same way in upfitting a truck or van for the trades or fleet use.  Anyone can buy an assortment of items to put in a vehicle that help them do certain jobs easier, but the little things are the ones that set an experienced outfitter apart from someone randomly tossing items in a work truck.

Which is why we like Legend Fleet Solutions so much. 

See, they sell the stuff that really makes getting the job done easier and you’ll never notice until you realize how perfectly they perform.  That performance, by the way, is all in the value they add to a great upfitting job.  Let’s take a look at some of the really smart “finishing touches” Legend helps us to provide for our customers.

Legend Fleet Flooring and Interior Lining

The products that make Legend such a “legend” in upfitting are their rigid floors for fleet vehicles.  Offered in a variety of different materials perfectly suited for your needs, Legend’s flooring options provide non-slip surfaces that still have enough “give” to scoot heavy items across them without tearing.  At the same time, each Legend floor allows users a truly flat floor, free of all the ridges manufacturers must incorporate into vehicles for safety.  With Legend’s flooring options, you’ll have a slip-resistant floor covering that keeps vehicle resale value up, ensures employee safety, and even dampens out noise while looking great even after years of hard use. 

Legend didn’t stop with the floor, though.  For vans and other fleet vehicles, Legend also offers a complete line of interior wall, door & ceiling liners.  These are perfect for sound damping and insulation for those cold winters, but offer incredible protection from all the dings and scratches that occur with any vehicle that is used in the field or the trades.  Each one of these liners is custom cut and formed to perfectly match the van they are installed in, and this, like our organized toolbox earlier, gives you an upgrade you might not even notice but will be happy it’s there. 

Especially when an apprentice or helper doesn’t do such a great job of securing your cargo on the way to the jobsite!

Legend Fleet Liners, Flooring and SillsIt’s only logical that a company like Legend, with so many solutions for floors and walls, would spend extra time ensuring those liners were properly anchored, and every one of their sill plates, thresholds, and top sills does just that.  We’ve all seen folks try to stuff a rubber or vinyl mat under the sill plate on a sloppy install – the result is two failures in one!  A broken or misshapen sill plate and matting that never stays put.  Legend’s sill plates are designed to not only be far tougher than OEM, they are designed to work perfectly with their floor and wall liners, giving the finished touch to all of our installs and providing far more protection to these hard-used areas.  Think of the salt, snow, water, grease, oil, dirt, and debris that collects around and batters your van thresholds.  They take a beating and usually don’t last a year, no matter how careful your team is.  With Legend’s sill plates on the job, your fleet is protected and looks great at the same time. 

The key to any successful upfitting job is attention to detail.  Expertec has been doing this for decades, and one of the reasons we’re viewed as the experts in the field in western Canada is our relentless devotion to creating a finished product for our clients that not only looks great, but also performs impeccably.  We search far and wide for companies that can help us create the solutions our customers need, and Legend Fleet Solutions is easily one of the best in this space.

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