For over a decade, Expertec has led the way in the best products and processes to upfit and outfit work trucks and vans.

We’ve built that reputation one vehicle at a time, and for years, we did it in one location. As that reputation grew, we expanded into Calgary, then Abbotsford. No matter how big we got, though, we stayed true to our original dream: give our customers the best products, installed in the best way, and ensure that every truck or van we built was built like it was our own.

That philosophy has guided us and continues to guide us, day in and day out.

Now, though, we’re making changes to that idea.

In fact, as we’ve grown, we’ve continued to look at how our clients use the trucks and vans we build for them. The truth is, even though we could expand and build more physical locations, we can’t serve as many customers that way.

For the last eighteen months, our teams have been studying and exploring how we can bring the Expertec brand into a more “online friendly” style, and on November 2, we’re doing just that.  On this day, the Expertec E-Commerce Shop will be open for business.

Our goal is simple – we’ve realized how the internet has truly leveled the playing field in many ways, and it’s no secret that nearly anything you might need to know – or have a question about – can be found by “googling” it. So, with that, we knew we could share our product line with the “Do-It-Yourselfers” in the world who wanted the quality product line Expertec offers but don’t have the ability to bring their truck or van to one of our shops.

Can’t make it from Grande Prairie to Edmonton?

No problem! Buy the upfitting gear you need from our new E-commerce store and simply have it shipped right to you!

Snow too deep in Cardston to get to Calgary? Again, you’re just a few mouse clicks away from letting us simply package up the things you need and ship them right to you, to install yourself.

Each one of the products we’re offering comes with the detailed instructions you’ll (secretly) be glad you have, and more importantly, the new E-commerce website is organized in such a way that you’ll be able to determine what you and your team need as well as the “little touches” that make our professional installations so… professional.

We’re not going to simply sell you shelving for your van without reminding you there are some flooring options you might want to think about before installing those shelves.

Just as importantly, we’re designing Expertec’s E-commerce Shop to not only showcase our most popular outfitting products, it’s also a great way for anyone to become familiar with the thousands of options we have available to our clients. Not only can it help you and your team plan and design new vehicles for your fleet, it can also help you to understand what products you’ll have available to you before you ever buy a new truck or van.

After all, it might just be that despite the popularity of a certain model, the aftermarket support for your upfitting needs simply isn’t there. Our new site makes that easy to determine AND gives you the added benefit of determining your budget before you ever buy a new truck or van for the fleet.
In the end, our new E-commerce website allows Expertec to serve far more clients than ever before, and just as importantly, to share more of our knowledge with anyone who is ready to make their personal work vehicle or their company fleet more effective.

Take a moment to check it out here and make sure you keep checking back, because our team is going to be adding new products every week for a long time to come.