At Expertec, we value our employees and today we are proud to announce a 6 year work anniversary of a dedicated and trusted employee. Kris Metchkarov’s loyalty, reliability, and top-notch work ethic has helped Expertec achieve the high standards and quality we incorporate into every project. He is accountable, punctual, and goes the extra mile to get the job done. Always wanting to expand on his skill-sets and giving his best effort on any outfitting solution he takes on, Kris accepts his role as an Expertec Vehicle Technician passionately which in turn reflects on the solutions we provide to all of our clients.

We’d like you to get to know Kris as we do so we put him on the spot and have asked him some questions about his 6 years of working at Expertec.

What did you do before working at Expertec?

  • I was a car mechanic by trade for 6 years and a delivery driver for 2 years before starting with Expertec. I came to Canada in 1999 to be with my dad who moved to Vancouver in 1990.


What is your job title at Expertec?

  • Vehicle Technician


What do you like most about the Outfitting industry?

  • Everyday is something different. It’s non-repetitive work, and I enjoy learning new stuff all the time. There’s always something new and it’s hands on work (I’m not the type who likes working behind a desk all day). I like working with my hands and troubleshooting issues that I’m faced with. There is always new technologies in outfitting which keeps it interesting.


What was your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

  • Unified Alloys Product Demonstration Van: I installed custom drawers and cabinets. It was a Sprinter van outfitted with aluminum pegboard sides, fridge, tv. and custom folding steps.Unified Alloys Demonstration Van Outfitting


  • Aquaterra Promotional Van: This project consisted of the largest tv I have installed so far (42 inches) and the van was split in half with a partition. The front half held the tv installed behind the side window to showcase their promotional videos, while the back was outfitted with fold up shelves and drawers for storing promotional and event materials.

Aquaterra Promotional Van Upfit


What’s the best aspect about working for Expertec?

  • The atmosphere and the teamwork. I never feel the pressure to rush through projects which allows me to provide high quality solutions for our clients. It’s not just about getting projects completed, it’s about how jobs get done. Expertec definitely is a company that cares about and respects its employees.