One of the things we’re most proud of when it comes to our continued growth is the team we’ve been blessed with.  Many members of our team have been with us for years, and several are working on their second decade of service to our clients.

Kris Metchkarov, is one of those long-term team players, and we’re proud to celebrate his ten year anniversary as a member of the Expertec family.  As a young man, Kris was trained in auto repair, and worked for Chrysler for years prior to joining our team.  Like many young men, Kris dabbled in a variety of jobs, learning what he liked and didn’t like about them, and he still finds value in those experiences.

Ten years ago, though, his path crossed with ours when he moved from Vancouver to Edmonton and applied for an open installer position we had.

As Kris tells it, “I was scared and lucky.  I’d gone to the interview and really liked what I’d heard and seen but wasn’t sure if I’d get the job.  By the time I got home, there was a message on my voice mail asking me to come in for a second interview the next day, and that was when they offered me the position.

“Expertec has been like a family to me ever since.”

Today, the native of Sofia, Bulgaria loves directing his experience into the most challenging of jobs Expertec takes on.  “Seriously, I love the variety of custom touches we can do for customers and clients, and the challenges that come up in the more complicated builds are what keep this fun, even after so many years.”

When asked about what things were like in Expertec all those years ago, Kris laughed and pointed out the biggest changes didn’t have anything to do with what Expertec could do with a truck or van, but what customers are now looking for in upfitting.

“Even then, I knew that whatever the customer wanted, the team and I could build, but the customers ten years ago were, in a lot of ways, still trying to simply create the same work trucks and vans they’d always had.”

Kris Metchkarov – Celebrating 10 Years With Expertec!Today’s customers are more savvy about their wants and needs, and their access to information through technology means they have a much broader exposure to new ideas and ways to upfit a truck or van.  While this might present a challenge for some installers, Kris loves it.

“It’s hard to describe the satisfaction I get solving the problems on a build.  I love to look at the final product, especially if it’s one that is really complex, and know that I played a part in making it a reality for our customers.”

When asked about his plans for the future, Kris smiled and let out a chuckle, “I don’t know, you know?  I really love what I do, and this work is really my pride and joy.  Some days, I think, ‘Maybe I should let these younger guys handle this’ and simply take on a more managerial role.  Then, what do you know?  I get a challenging upfitting job that has tons of variables and I want to be right in the middle of it.”

What’s more telling about Kris isn’t his skills, it’s the honest and open approach he takes to his work.  He loves it, and it shows.  More than anything else, employees like Kris Metchkarov are the reason Expertec has experienced the success we’ve enjoyed for many years now.

Thank you, Kris, for your time, your attention to detail, and your love for the job.  We’re glad you’re a part of the family.