It never fails this time of year, companies and contractors are reaching out to our teams, asking loads of questions about potential truck builds.  After so many years of upfitting trucks and vans for the trades and fleets, our teams know what works and what doesn’t, and that shows in the products we sell and recommend. 

Just How Good is the SpaceKap?Take the SpaceKap, for example.  It’s a fiberglass slide in service body that comes in three different configurations. 

To put it simply, for a majority of our customers, one of those three models is going to be the answer if they’re wanting secure, covered storage in a pickup. 

In fact, the only real question is how those customers actually would use that space, because that key ingredient will tell us if they need the Wild, the Compak, or the Diablo model. 

And before anyone says “That’s a compromise!  You can do the same amount of work with nothing more than a soft tonneau cover forwell, you’re right. 

It’d be easy, these days, to fill our catalog with products from every single provider of truck bed canopies, toppers, slip in service bodies, and even tonneau covers – but there’s just one problem…

We can’t ensure the quality of all those manufacturers. 

We can’t be sure they’ll have inventory when our clients need them.

We can’t be sure of their warranties, or how they’ll respond when there’s an issue. 

Just How Good is the SpaceKap?On the other hand, when it comes to SpaceKap, we DO know those answers – they’re the best in the business before and after the sale.  When they say they’ll have a unit here on Wednesday, guess what? 

It’s here Wednesday. 

More importantly, they’ve spent years – just like we have – in studying what works for tradesmen, contractors, and fleets and they put that knowledge and expertise to use in every model they build. 

As a result, we know the SpaceKap Diablo is the perfect topper when a customer needs a workstation to handle jobs in the field as well as plenty of storage for smaller parts, pieces, and inventory. 

The SpaceKap Wild is the perfect solution for the tradesman or business that needs to access lots of tools quickly, but isn’t worried about having a place to actually do the work.  Actually, the bigger challenge for them might be in carrying too much stuff.  The Wild is perfect for the sort of field work where trucks and teams end up in tight spots – parking garages, city streets, and such, and they’re just as likely to be repairing a network in a skyscraper as they are repairing a faucet after hours in a residential home. 

Just How Good is the SpaceKap?Although the smallest SpaceKap slip-in, the Compak provides ample storage for almost any job.  It offers plenty of interior storage, with the added bonus of interior shelving and easy exterior access.

We like the SpaceKap line so much, we’ve even created specialized packages for specific trades.  Our HVAC, Electrician, and Plumbing packages are all based on the real world experiences of seasoned tradespeople and best practices, and are virtually “turn-key” units that put your team in the field faster and more efficiently. 

If you’re beginning to look at your next fleet investment, reach out to our team right here or simply call 1-888-435-6466.  The truth is, we’ve spent decades to determine what works and what doesn’t, and that experience ensures our customers never have to worry about whether an upfitting job will “work” the way it needs to.  Isn’t it nice to know Expertec has you covered?