“Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.”
~ Confucius

To be perfectly frank, Confucius likely never thought his words would be recited in most of the places we see him quoted, but an awful lot of what he taught still is relevant.

And while it might seem like a stretch to quote a man who lived 2500 years ago in regard to upfitting a work vehicle today, he was right – a lot of us insist on making things far “busier” than they need to be.

Some of this can be blamed on our intense desire to “do it ourselves.”  We see the folks who are building hot rods, or remodeling a house, or raising chickens, and assume that if they can do it, so can we.  We also seem to quickly forget that the same skills that make us a master in our respective trades are ones we’ve built over years – or even decades – of work and study.

You’re an electrician.

You’re a plumber.

You’re a contractor who’s mastered the art of working with your hands and using your knowledge to make hard work seem easy.

There’s no reason to think you can’t take the steps necessary to set up a work van to perfectly handle the work you do.


Not necessarily – and while there is a lot of pride in setting up a work van yourself, the simple fact is, perhaps you shouldn’t.  Why?

To put it simply, you’re losing money.  Think about it:  if you’re busy outfitting your van, you obviously aren’t working, so those hours you spend building shelves, modifying racks, laying down floor coverings, wiring in inverters, and trying to make an old ladder rack fit a new van are hours that you can’t be paid for.

They’re also hours you aren’t spending with your family, or even doing the things you love.

So take your hourly pay and multiply it by the scores of hours you’ll spend modifying your van to actually help you work, and you’ll quickly see you aren’t saving money.  Remember, too, that every job you take while you’re still “building” that van is a job that you aren’t able to be efficiently doing.

Missing tools, missing equipment, missing parts.

That adds up quickly, doesn’t it?  And then there’s Murphy and his laws … think you have enough bolts, washers, and screws?  Nope.  And the hardware store will have just closed as you realize it.  We well remember the story of one mitigation contractor who decided to build his own shelving unit for his cargo trailer one weekend.  He took careful measurements, cut and welded up an absolutely beautiful shelving unit that would allow him to maximize the free space in his trailer, and then he and his son attempted to move the shelf into the trailer to bolt it down.

He’d forgotten about the drop at the roof.  His “perfect fit” shelf wouldn’t fit through the doors.

Four hours of measuring, cutting, welding, and grinding was lost.

At Expertec, we’ve been honing our craft, just like you, for decades.  The result is one of the most extensive databases of van shelving, workstations, lighting, and other high quality solutions for today’s tradesmen.

Even more importantly, many – if not all – of those options and products are vehicle specific, so they NEVER waste space, they use it.

The entire focus of our team is to work with you, to understand exactly what you need and how you and your crew work, to be able to suggest and install the options you NEED, not just what you’d settle for.

Just because you’ve always used the running boards as a workstation doesn’t mean you have to do that anymore!

Just because that old metal cabinet you found on a jobsite was “good enough” to store tools in doesn’t mean you have to use it over again in this van.

Just because you’ve always accepted that the back of your van is a jumbled mess and you’ll spend twenty minutes searching for the right tool doesn’t mean you should keep doing it.

Can you imagine finally having enough storage for tools, equipment, and supplies?  Not having to rig up an umbrella over the doors while you wire in a box?  What about never having to hold a flashlight in the crook of your neck while you run tests with the Fluke meter?

If you don’t know how far the humble work van has come in terms of options, check out this van our Abbotsford team recently completed.

Can you imagine setting yourself and your work van up to be less “complicated” and more capable of doing the work you’re a master of?

You can, and the best part is this:  you don’t have to do any work to make your job easier.

Give our team a call at 1-888-435-6466 to learn about the solutions we have for making ANY work van a better place to work.  Even easier?  You can reach out to us right here to schedule a call or even get a quote.