Let’s face it, nearly any company that builds products is trying to design their own version of a better mousetrap. 

Fundamentally, ladder and roof racks for upfitted vans don’t need to be very complicated – fabricate a frame that can be solidly mounted on a vehicle and carry the weight of the ladders or gear that will be stored on it, and you’re done. 

It’s usually at this point in many design processes that the accountants and the production specialists get involved.

“We don’t need these mounting points.”

“Can we use just a little less material?”

“How will we prevent water intrusion?”

“How can we make this less expensive to produce?”

In the end, in our experience, a lot of companies’ great ideas get so diluted by the time they are ready to be sold, the actual great idea was lost.

Not here!

Ranger Design has a long history of producing high-quality ladder and roof racks for a variety of trucks and vans, but they have really outdone themselves with their new Cargo+ Racks. 

What makes it so great?

Remember the idea we just discussed?  The better mousetrap?  Ranger Design has done just that.  What’s far more important is their design team began with two very specific goals in mind:

  1. Build a lightweight, aerodynamic, and quiet rack that fits all popular vans
  2. Make sure that rack was easy to load, unload, and could still carry everything needed.

They did it.

What’s more important is Ranger Design built the Cargo+ rack in such a way it allows up to 300 pounds to be carried on the rack and, with their full-length rear roller, it’s easy to load ladders, pipe, stock, scaffolds, or even full sheet of plywood and sheetrock.  Not only is the entire rack sleek looking and incredibly lightweight, it’s also refreshingly innovative.

Are you ready for the best part, though?  

When Ranger Design created the Cargo+ rack, they manufactured it is such a way so it allows nearly infinite crossbar positioning through their T-Track system.  In other words, it’s the custom rack you need, when you need it. 

…And it mounts to any production van with no drilling – it fits right into the holes the factory already drilled and designed for roof mounts … in other words – no extra holes where water and the elements can get into your van and start corrosion.

With the Ranger Design Cargo+ rack, fleet managers and tradesmen have the perfect solution that allows them to carry all the materials they need and load and unload it safely – no tugging and wrestling to get heavy materials on or off the rack.  We all know what that means – fewer injuries, less time spent fighting with tools and supplies, and more time spent making money!

Now, all that being said, is the Ranger Design Cargo+ right for your van?  There’s an excellent chance it is, but, as experienced upfitters, we would always recommend you talk to our team to make sure that any rack you plan to use is the right one for the way you and your team work.

Cargo Plus Rack - Ranger Design