Now that 2020 is finally off and running, folks are back to work, and we’re truly into winter, Expertec is ready to bring you a little warmth with one of the most innovating new products we’ve seen in years.

We’re talking about BrandFX and their composite service bodies.

Now, when a lot of people hear the words “composite” in a truck part or product that is usually made of steel or aluminum, they get nervous.  When you factor that into service bodies or utility beds, there’s even more skepticism.

Guess what?BrandFX Service Bodies - UltimateFX

It’s wrong!  BrandFX has perfected the design and construction of utility bodies from composites that are as tough as the steel ones your dad had on his truck … and they’ll likely last longer and look better than steel.

So how do you make a service body out of a composite material that can outlast metal?

It’s not easy.  BrandFX took clues from the aerospace industry and decades of testing to produce the Everlast series and it shows.  By using steel and aluminum as frame components and utilizing a tough fiberglass body, BrandFX has built a service body that can easily last 20 or more years.

Of course, the irony in all this is simple – contractors, tradesmen, and fleet managers long ago embraced fiberglass with toppers and slip-in service bodies such as the SpaceKap, but many of those same folks worry about the durability of fiberglass in a utility body.

Let’s look at some facts:

  • Fiberglass doesn’t rust. BrandFX encapsulates all the metal framework of the Everlast service body in fiberglass composites, so there’s no easy way for corrosion to get a foothold.
  • The BrandFX utility bodies are up to 60% lighter than similar steel designs. Lighter weight means better fuel economy and less stress on suspension and braking systems.  Another great result of this?  Your GVWR can be utilized with more cargo, not simply driving around extra dead weight.
  • BrandFX’s composite designs simply last longer. The truth is, traditional metal service bodies continue to be built the same way they have been for generations.  As a result, the lifespan for these designs is far shorter than the “clean sheet” designs that BrandFX created when they introduced the Everlast series.

So there you have it – not only can BrandFX’s utility bodies last longer, they can help your fleet trucks to last longer by reducing wear and tear on them long term.

Of course, customers want to know, “Do these utility bodies cost more?”

BrandFX Service Bodies - UtilityFXWell, that depends on how you look at things.  Simply comparing them to a similar steel or aluminum body?  Yes, they do.  But – stay with us here – in terms of the reduced maintenance and increased fuel economy PLUS a longer average service life – the composite design beats steel hands down.

You’ll use less fuel every day.  You’ll have to replace suspension, steering, and brake system components less over the entire service life of the truck due to the better handling and lighter curb weight of the truck.  You will not have to deal with rust repair or prevention on an ongoing and annual basis.

Think about how much that adds up over the hundreds or thousands of miles that make up the life of a service or fleet truck and you can easily see that “price” is far different from “cost” when it comes to BrandFX and Expertec’s composite service bodies.

If new trucks are on your purchase list for 2020, we’d like to encourage you to spend some time with our team discussing how you use the utility bodies in your fleet and if making the switch from steel or aluminum to composite is the right choice for you.

We’ve got a nearly endless variety of options for these new styles and more importantly, we’ve ensured they are built to last.