For most industries, change comes slowly.   In the automotive world, that’s particularly true.  Certainly, we’ve advanced a long way from when Henry Ford rolled out the first Model A, but the internal combustion engine used then is still remarkably unchanged.

Going Where No One Has Gone BeforeCast block, spark plugs firing a mixture of gasoline and air, and valves opening and closing to allow that mixture into and out of the engine.

Certainly, we’ve made that idea far more efficient and powerful, but yesterday’s mechanic could spend some time around modern mechanics and be “up to speed” fairly quickly.  Sure, he might not be able to easily understand the computerized aspect of vehicles, but the ideas?

They’re foundational.

But what happens when something new is truly created?

Those computers, unknown even a quarter century ago, have revolutionized how nearly all business is done and spawned countless new business ventures based on the technology.  How can a new company, created to use new technology, best use traditional solutions – trucks, vans, and even fleets of service vehicles – to serve clients in their business?

Well, the first step is to truly understand the work to be done.  Where – and why – do you need that work truck or a cargo van?  Will it be a personal vehicle pressed into service here and there?

Making Your Day A Little Easier SpaceKap Parts Going Where No One Has Gone Before

Will it play double-duty as a toy hauler on the weekends, while taking you to and from the jobsite during business hours?  What, exactly, do you do?

That’s the type of question our teams have been asking customers for over a decade, and it’s one of the biggest reasons our customers come back to us again and again.

What we’ve found, in those thousands of conversations, is many visionaries in new industries don’t always know all the tools and equipment available to support them in their new business.  Sure, everybody has seen a ladder rack, or a Tommy Gate, but what about onboard air compressors?

Vehicle Power Inverters…Or power inverters that can easily charge – or operate – a host of electronics, giving users a tactical advantage by never worrying about electricity?

…Or LED lighting systems for onboard workstations that give operators plenty of room to get the job done, and shelving and storage cabinets that fit perfectly and maximize every square inch of space in a van or a topper.

All these solutions are a big part of the reason that new businesses and industries look to Expertec for the solutions they need to be more successful – our team knows what solutions are available and we know what questions to ask you to truly understand how your business works.  While you might think you have to go back to the office to complete a job, we have the ability to create an office right in the back of your truck or van.

Going Where No One Has Gone BeforeWe’ve shared this particular build before, but it’s worth reviewing – a client who handles aerial photography needed a mobile platform for their drone business.  This couldn’t simply be a truck with a cover on it, the complete upfitting job had to allow them to actually work remotely, too.

Once we understood their business, we were able to make key suggestions, like LED lighting, a spacious workstation, multiple power outlets for both AC and DC, and a power inverter that could keep multiple drones and batteries fully charged while powering the electronics our client used for handling raw footage in the field.

In the end, the upfitting job was a success, and even though there might not have been a clearcut “standard” for what an upfitted van should look like in this industry, our team was able to create the perfect solution.

To find out how working with us can help you find new ways to handle your business, reach out to us right here or simply give us a call at 1-888-435-6466.  You’ll find that our upfitting resources and catalog of solutions is among the most robust in the world, and there is no one more uniquely suited to help you make sure your fleet makes you money.