One of the biggest trends in business today is the so-called “gig” economy.  Whether it’s Uber, contracted CFO services, or even mobile car detailing, there is a palpable shift in how traditional businesses handle tasks and how contractors work.  At the same time, companies have found how critical it is to be able to offer “on-site” solutions in non-traditional ways. 

For over a decade, our business model has been to design and build upfitted trucks and vans for what could best be called “traditional” trades and fleets. 

Electricians, Plumbers, General Contractors and Utility companies have long relied on Expertec to provide the perfect truck or van for them to get the job done.

As the economy has changed, though, we’ve identified an entirely new market that is exciting to be a part of – the freelancer and remote revolution.

Going Mobile - Setting Up a Remote Office 3Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to spend some time in these pages discussing how mobility in the form of upfitted trucks and vans is allowing entrepreneurs to reinvent business models and serve clients in completely new ways – in the white-collar world as well as the blue collar one!  Today, though, we’re going to jump right into the white-collar side of things because it represents such a huge change.

The digital revolution has changed how many companies do business, without a doubt.  Now, your attorney or accountant can be easily emailed information that has been scanned or electronically signed and still carries the full legal weight of “face-to-face” transactions.

An interesting trend, though, is that some accounting and bookkeeping firms have designed completely mobile vans and outfitted them appropriately to be able to conduct all their business remotely with all the amenities of a permanent office.


Well, for starters, we’d ensure that a van like that has plenty of headroom.  There are multiple platforms available today that can meet that criteria, but the next step would be to understand the electrical needs of our client.  Printer?  Fax?  Computer?  How about a shredder?   LED lighting?  Refrigerator?  All those will need the correct power inverter and subsequent wiring harness built in to the vehicle.  (Surprisingly, these are also extremely popular upgrades for many of our “traditional” upfitting jobs, too!)

Going Mobile - Setting Up a Remote Office 2

Next, our client needs storage – file cabinets, shelving, and lockable storage and plenty of room at a real desk to get the job done.  From there, the work begins.  For a professional like an accountant, there is a certain level of fit and finish that clients would expect, even in a remote office.  The nature of upfitting, if we get right down to it, allows Expertec to reach out to our partners to locate flooring, seating, and even highly finished surfaces to allow an accountant, bookkeeper, or even attorney, working remotely, to be able to work in the same professional atmosphere their permanent office would offer.  Were this professional to invite a client into this mobile office, their impression would be that it was as formal as the real thing. 

… And yes, before you worry about it, a mobile workstation like this could also be equipped with an additional heater or even air conditioning to keep comfort levels at a professional level.

No matter how you’ve reimagined a white-collar business as a freelancer or remote worker, the options we have available today allow Expertec to create a truly useful AND completely mobile office and workstation.  We’ve done that for decades for scores of industries already and we are excited about the options for the future.